Thursday, 1 November 2012

Review Thursday: Exciting new products from Innoxa!

It's not often that I get all excited about a foundation and primer, but when I got my hands on these ones and tried them out, I did a little bit of a happy dance. You can find them at David Jones, Myer, Priceline, Terry White Chemists, My Chemist, Chemist Warehouse and leading pharmacies nationally.

First, let's start with the primer. Innoxa Pure silk skin primer is a really superlight formulation, almost a gel consistency, and clear in colour. I almost expected it to feel like water on my skin, but it really feels like smoothing a layer of silk over your face. I have some very high end products that cost a fortune, and do roughly the same thing. I'd even go as far as to say that this product is better, at half the price.
The primer provides a gorgeous, smooth, silky base for your foundation, and if you're a primer user (like most girls should be) this is definitely well trying. You won't look back.

Then the foundation. I am a big fan of high end foundations, and I've tried just about every awesome $70 foundation there is to try. Innoxa Long Lasting foundation is amazing. It's my new favourite base product. Its anti-ageing, light-reflecting. 16 hour lasting formula really does what it says it will do. I even (naughty, I know) fell asleep last night after a party with my makeup still on and woke this morning with a perfect face of makeup still applied. A good base makes all the difference when it comes to things like your colour products smudging, migrating, or wearing off altogether. Even my eyeliner (which sometimes moves into the outer corners of my eyes and smudges) was still exactly where I'd put it almost 24 hours earlier!
If you're looking for a new foundation to try, and you're in the market for something really awesome, save the extra money you'd spend of a really fancy product and get into a store (specified at the top of this post) to pick up this foundation. You won't regret it. At $29.95 it's a total steal, and I will definitely be replacing this product again and again. It's earned a place in my makeup staples.

These products were provided for review by the lovely people at Innoxa. As always, my opinions are my own.

PS...I really, truly love these products!

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