Monday, 30 December 2013

BOE BEAUTY HAUL - throwback...Monday?

Thursday, 19 December 2013


Once again, the awesome people at Lust Have It sent me their box for my consideration, and I'm partly disappointed and partly really happy. Mostly happy, though.

First, I'll talk about why I was disappointed; there wasn't much of a festive theme to the box, which I'd kind of been looking forward to. Other than that, my only other disappointment was a foil sachet, but that's just a personal preference, and it didn't really matter overall.

This month there is $66.30 worth of product in LHI's box, with 2 of the products being full size and 3 luxury sized samples. It's all pretty practical stuff this month, skin care, hair care, and a little bit of cosmetic in the form of a BB cream. If you want a better look and some more details about the products, watch my unboxing video below:

Wednesday, 18 December 2013


The questions, in case any of you want to do this tag are:

What products have stood out to you this year?

Which makeup items would you recommend for young girls or people who are just getting in to beauty?

Favourite high street (drug store) and high end beauty brand?

Most disappointing product you've tried?

A beauty item you use everyday?

What are you essentials for winter?

Your favourite product for a dramatic, party look?

What's on your Christmas wish list? (beauty wise....)


Hey guys,

I've decided to try a new series to see what you guys think. I'll do it about once a month, and I'm going to call it Kitstagram. I'll share my favourite Instagram pictures (from my own account), and talk about where, when, how and why they were taken.

Let me know in the comments section if you do/not want to see this as a regular feature.

This one I feel is pretty self-explanatory, but there's a bit of an ongoing story with it. This is our Christmas tree, beautifully decorated.

After the kids came home and saw it, I told them that I would throw away any ornament that they willingly removed from the tree.

We are now down to 2 ornaments and a string of tinsel.

This was taken post-walk-with-friends at Frankston, at the bottom of Oliver's Hill where the little jetty is.

The water was so still and lovely that I felt the need to capture it.

Taken at Sweetwater Creek walking trail. A group of friends and I went walking (as we do, because we all like to exercise regularly, and doing it as a group helps keep us motivated).

The plant is Nasturtium, and it covered the entire "wall" of the path we were walking down. Note the random yellow and orange flowers, which will be more plentiful as summer progresses, and are completely edible.

A rare addition to my public instagram, a picture of my boys. Josh is the older one, he's 9, and Max is the little guy, 3.

They love the beach, and play in the water no matter how cool it is.

This day, they made a huge sandcastle. It was a pretty awesome day.

My strange addiction: Nail Polish.

This is a little under half of my nail polish collection. I just love it and I can't really explain why or how I have so many.

Nail art is a fun hobby of mine.

A proud moment.

My first month on YouTube with the new channel. 1,520 views on the few videos I had up.

I'm really excited about the growth of the new channel.

Trying something new.

Montagne Jeunesse sent me their new 2 step masks to try, and the anti-breakout one is awesome.

Stay tuned for a review in the next week or so.

A big surprise.

Sukin sent me a beautifully wrapped christmas gift, the contents of which, I will share with you in my "what I got for Christmas" video.


My fake naked3 palette arrived, and I created a look from the colours in it for a dinner on Saturday night.

This is the look that I'm wearing in my Faked3 video, my beauty talk tag video, and my random favourites#1 video.

My biggest achievement since I broke my ankle.

We walked 6.4km on the gravel tracks in Mornington, and in the middle of that, we did the dreaded Birdrock climb, a set of approximately 200 steps (set just-a-little-too-close-together) to get down to the beach, and a track with a 45.7% gradient to get back up.

My leg is aching 3 days later, so I think I overdid it a little bit, but I felt good about getting a decent training session in.

Birdrock was my before-Christmas goal for the leg, so I'm really happy.

If you want to follow me on instagram, you can find me @katysbeautysecrets or @katylylak (same account), or #kbcommunity, #katysbeautysecrets, and #ifiwasahorse.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013


I received a palette that I ordered from Aliexpress, their pre-release "Naked 3" palette, which has the same packaging, but different colours to the actual Urban Decay palette.

Check out the video below for my thoughts. Swatches are pictured here, too.
Overall, I'm very happy with the palette. My advice to anyone buying "cheap" naked 3 palettes is that you won't get a legitimate palette for under $50US, and you shouldn't pay more than $20US for a fake one. Know what you're buying, keep your expectations realistic, and you'll love what you get. These "fake" shadows have the same beautiful feel and colour payoff as more expensive products, and I can't wait to see a comparison of the real one vs the fake one, once the fake palettes have their colours sorted out.

Friday, 13 December 2013


The giveaways have closed, and all that's left is to pick the winners and congratulate them!

And so, without further ado....

The winners are:

Day 1 - Models Prefer nail duo (2 winners) JENNIFER L.R.K & MARTA. K

Day 2 - Classics Pack ALEXANDRA-ELISABET. D.

Day 3 - Catalina Geo Eyes pack MYRIAM . B. N.

Day 4 - Elegant Touch/Little Mix nails pack MARY. H.

Day 5 - OPI Dramatic Duo MARY. H.

Day 6 - Australis Palette MARIE CHRISTINE. C.

Day 7 - OPI take ten MARY YSSABEL. H.

Day 8 - Models Prefer sweet shadows palette NIKITA. T.

Day 9 - Lonvitalite Ultimate Pack LOLA. V.

Congratulations to all of the lucky winners, and thank you to everyone who entered and supported Katy's Beauty Secrets during these giveaways. I will contact the winners individually by email in the next couple of days for their postage details, and I'll have the prizes out in the mail next week. Please note: the four prizes that contain nail polish, I have been told that it is not supposed to be shipped internationally. I'm going to ship it anyway and hope for the best, but I can't guarantee it's safe arrival.

Thanks once again must go to OPI and Lonvitalite for their sponsored prizes, and to my family and friends for keeping me sane during this very busy blog time.

Stay tuned to Katy's Beauty Secrets for some awesome new content next week, and possibly another giveaway to celebrate some milestones early in 2014!

Thursday, 12 December 2013


Today is the very last day to enter the nine 12 days of giftmas giveaways!
There are some amazing prizes, and many ways to enter and gain extra entries, so make sure you're in it to win it!

The links to all 9 giveaways are below:











Best of luck to everyone! Less than 24 hours until the giveaways close, and I'll announce winners on Friday evening Melbourne time (once I've had a chance to get the winners drawn, verified and posts compiled).

Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Over the past few weeks, you've seen my Lush hauls, and i figured it was about time I did some reviews for you. Here we go, starting with Karma Komba solid shampoo and Dark Angels facial cleanser.
First of all, Karma Komba, which is an awesome orange and lemongrass scented solid shampoo bar. It's great for my fine, wavy, frizzy hair, and it's so, so easy to use! Literally like a bar of soap for your head, you just rub it on, lather up and rinse away! Definitely worth a look, and on my list of favourite things right now.
Also on my list of faves is my Dark Angels cleanser, which is amazing for my combination/oily skin. It looks and feels like playdough, it's black because of the charcoal in it, and it's super simple to use with your hands, or like I do, with my facial cleansing brush from Daiso. Dark Angels is a must-try for all oily-skinned peeps, and don't despair if that's not your skin type. For normal, combination and dry skin, you can check out Angels on Bare Skin, the sister product to Dark Angels.
 For a better look and some more of my thought, check out my video review:

Sunday, 8 December 2013


Here we are at last! The final giveaway for the 12 days of giftmas series, and it's an amazing prize!

The awesome people at Lonvitalite have provided an Ultimate Pack, containing 5 face masks, a hand mask and 2 eye masks for your pampering pleasure, and we all know that these are my very favourite facial cloth masks!

As with all of the other giveaways, you have until Thursday, 12 December at 11:59pm to enter via the widget below, and all the terms and conditions are RIGHT HERE.

Take a look at the video below for a closer look, and my thank you message to all of you!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


For our second last giveaway, we have the amazing Models Prefer Sweet Shadows palette. It's absolutely gorgeous and a must-have for any makeup kit.

Check it out a little more closely in the video below, enter via the rafflecopter widget, and check out the terms and conditions HERE.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, 7 December 2013


We're down to the last 3 prizes now, and they are just getting more and more awesome!

This time, it's OPI's amazing take ten miniatures set, including 10 of their most popular shades!

Watch the video below for a closer look at the prize, enter via the rafflecopter widget, and get all the terms and conditions HERE.

Many thanks to OPI, who provided the prize for this giveaway. Their support means the world to me.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


We're more than half way through the giveaways now, and the prizes are getting more and more awesome.
Today, we have the Australis Neutrals and Neons palette. This little beauty is amazing, with 4 neutral eyeshadows, and 4 neon eyeshadows. It's a must-have for any makeup kit!

As always, entry is via the rafflecopter widget below, and terms and conditions can be found HERE. Don't forget to watch the video below for a closer look at the prize, and click through the annotation at the end to make sure you haven't missed out on any entries for the other giveaways!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, 5 December 2013


MacGuyver dishing out tips to his lady friend
I've been promising you guys this post for a while now. My makeup MacGuyver tips, and how to make stuff that's awesome from stuff you have lying around your house.

So...what awesome things will I share with you? Let's get right down to it.

1.MAC strobe cream.
This one is really easy. Strobe cream is basically just a moisturizer base with a pearlescent finish to it, which gives your skin a dewy glow under your makeup.
For this, you need to mix 9 parts moisturizer with 1 part white shimmer powder. Make sure it's mixed really well.

2.BB cream.
Another super easy one. This mix is 1/3 moisturizer, 1/3 foundation, 1/6 sunblock and 1/6 primer. Just mix them together well, and you have a makeshift BB cream.

3.Facial scrubs.
These can be made with a variety of different things, but my favourite all-purpose friend is Bi-Carb soda. Make a paste of Bi-Carb and water and use it as you usually would for a facial scrub. Use it once a week, not more often than that, because it is quite harsh on your skin.

4.Teeth whitening.
Again with my friend Bi-Carb, this time making a paste with peroxide. You can use creme or liquid, but the creme peroxide makes a better paste. Brush onto your teeth once or twice a week to remove stains. IMPORTANT: DO NOT SWALLOW THIS PASTE.

5.Volumizing shampoo for beachy waves.
This one is really simple. Summer is coming, so beachy waves will be right back on trend like they are every year. To help your hair along, or even just to add some extra volume, just add a little rock salt to your shampoo.

6.Lip scrubs.
You can make these a bit fancy with a carrier oil and some essential oils, but really all you need is some raw sugar to make a fantstic lip scrub, which is edible too! You can mix the sugar into a bit of vaseline to make it stick together better and disperse onto the lips better.

7.Avoiding hair dye on your skin.
Using the vaseline again, draw the outline of your face, all along the hairline with vaseline. This will form a barrier between your skin and any dye that goes astray. Don't forget to do your ears and the back of your neck, too!

8.Eye makeup remover.
Last of all, how to remove any stubborn makeup, waterproof makeup, stay-on lipsticks, etc.
Baby oil. It's that simple. It will remove any of the above mentioned cosmetic products.

9. Makeup setting spray.
1 part glycerine to 9 parts distilled or filtered water, shake well, use in a spray bottle and replace every couple of weeks. Because we're not using chemical preservatives in this, it'll go off.

That's all for Makeup MacGuyver 2013. I hope you guys get some use out of this stuff.


Another awesome giveaway for you guys!

Today we have the OPI Dramatic Duo, which includes 2 full size OPI nail polishes and a bonus wristlet, which is super cute.

Many thanks to the amazing people at OPI for providing me with the product for this giveaway. I couldn't do such awesome things without fantastic brands behind me.

Entry, as always, is via the rafflecopter widget. Video below to show you the product more closely. Full terms and conditions are HERE

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Another prize for you guys to win!

This time it's an Elegant Touch / Little Mix pack of nail wraps and press-on nails.

All the details are in the video below, and don't forget to click through the annotation at the end to go to the 12 days playlist and make sure you've seen all of the giveaways!
Full terms and conditions are HERE

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Once again, the awesome people at Lust Have It have sent me their box to look at,and it's pretty damn good.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a product info card for this box, but they are all brands that I'm familiar with.

It's nice to see some favourites in there, as well as products I haven't used before.

For a better explanation of what's in the box this month, hit the play button on my unboxing video below and don't forget to click through the annotation at the end for my 12 days of giftmas series of giveaways!


Today's prize is another awesome little pack for eyes, including Katy Perry Eyelure lashes, Catalina Geo mascara, and a gorgeous Savvy by DB eyeshadow trio (not shown in the picture).

Full terms and conditions are HERE


a Rafflecopter giveaway


Monday, 2 December 2013


Here's the second giveaway for my 12 days of giftmas series!

This time, the prize is my Classics Pack, which I stupidly didn't photograph before I wrapped it up, but the contents are shown in the giveaway video below.

The same deal as the first giveaway, enter via the widget, and terms and conditions can be found HERE.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Sunday, 1 December 2013


 Here we go! Our first giveaway is going to have 2 winners!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
The prizes are these gorgeous little Models Prefer nail polish duos, one in pinks and the other in purples.

These prizes are sponsored by Katy's Beauty Secrets (I bought them).

You can enter via the Rafflecopter widget above. For terms and conditions, please read my previous post about all of there HERE.

Here's a video where I talk more about it, show you my latest Lush haul and give you all the details:

Friday, 29 November 2013


 Another kid-free weekend means another chance to sneak off and do cheeky things... and in my case, that just means going to Lush and checking out what awesome things they have for me this week!

The kids love bath fizzies and so do I, so it makes sense to spend a few bucks every couple of weeks on some things that make us all feel special.

This week, I got a few different things; the Ickle Baby Bot bath fizzer, Dorothy Bubble Bar, Father Christmas Bath Ballistic, Bombardino, The Honeymooner massage bar, and Cupcake face mask.

 I'm loving all of their holiday-themed products, and tonight I took a bath with Bombardino, a gorgeous Lemon-Cheesecake-scented bath bomb which left my skin feeling really soft and hydrated!

The other thing I really want to comment on is the customer service at my local Lush Store. I go to Fountain Gate, which is the closest one to me, and there is a girl there (I'm really kicking myself that I didn't catch her name!!! But I know she'll read this and tell me in the comments section below!), she's absolutely gorgeous, with blonde hair and several facial piercings. She is the kindest, most friendly retail salesperson I've encountered, and I feel like she deserves to be recognized for well done and keep up the awesome work. She always helps me find things that I'm looking for and recommends products without being pushy or hanging around too much. That, to me, makes a great sales person.

I'll add the video of my unwrapping these things as soon as it's finished and uploaded. It also contains details about the very first giveaway in my 12 days of Giftmas series, so stay tuned for that on December 1!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013


This week, I've been given the opportunity check out something that's brand new in Australia, that USA celebrities have been using for ages!

Blinc Cosmetics are somewhat sketchy about where the brand originated (they claim that the product has been around for 25 years), but the product is manufactured in Tokyo, Japan, and they have been running out of the USA since 1999.

This is the first "tubing" mascara on the market, and it's the first tubing mascara that I've used. The idea is that it adheres to your lashes and forms a thickening and lengthening tube around the lash which can withstand water, sweat, dry friction, and is basically a bombproof mascara.

The first of the two products I tried was the Lash Primer, which is a nourishing, thickening, lengthening formula. It feels great on the lashes, and it's a really great base for your mascara. At $25, it's a higher end primer, but it's a beautiful product and worth the extra money.

 I also tried their Amplified Mascara in Dark Brown, which is really awesome. The tube formula, once it adheres to the lash and dries, is completely bulletproof. I went out running in the rain with this one, came home saturated and even rubbed my eyes, and the mascara is still on 5 hours later!

As far as price is concerned, this one is on the high end of things at $38, but shipping is free, and the product definitely earns its keep. You can get these products and many more at

I made a video to show the product and give my thoughts on it, which you can watch below:

fair and full disclosure: These products were sent to me at no cost by Blinc Cosmetics for my consideration. I was under no obligation to review them. I endeavour to bring you honest reviews of products which I have used and genuinely enjoyed.