Monday, 19 November 2012

Monday How-to: applying false lashes.

I struggled for a really long time with how to apply false lashes, and then I learned the one tip that turned it all around for me. I hope that my step-by-step will help some of you guys achieve massive-lashed looks.

First, you want to be sure that your lashes are clean. The rim (where you put the glue) should be free of any old glue or makeup. The awesome thing about eyelash glue is that you can pull it off with your fingers when it's dry.

Once you have your lovely clean lashes ready to go, you'll need to apply a coat of glue to the rim. Make sure you apply it evenly all the way across the lash, and be sure to use plenty of glue. You want a good sticky edge to work with.

HERE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART: Let the glue dry for just a moment. You can blow on it to help it dry faster, or just set the lash upside down on the counter while you put glue on the other lash, but you want it to be nice and tacky when you apply it to your eye.

Now we're ready to apply the lash to your eye. You can hold it with your hands, or a pair of tweezers, whatever suits you better. Start in the middle of the eye and press the lash down as close to the root of the natural lashes as possible. Work your way along the lashline until you have it stuck down all the way across, then apply gentle pressure to the entire lash just for an extra bit of "stay there, you bugger".

Complete the look with the other lash, and there you have it!

I always do my eyeshadow, then line my eyes with pencil (waterline and tightline), then wait for top liner until I have the lashes on, and use my mascara to blend the natural and false lashes together.

That's it! They really are easy once you get the hang of them, and they add a bit of oomph to any makeup look.

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