Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Trendsday! Katy's new trend-midweek pamper sessions

While I was putting together my posts for this week, I had to think about which products to review, what to make videos about, what to do a tutorial about for How-to Monday and which beauty trend I would cover for Trendsday...but then I got to thinking. What if I start my own trend this week? the risk of increasing my workload yet again, I'm going to introduce a new segment to my blog and post it on Wednesday evenings after you guys have had a chance to read the Wednesday Trendsday post. The midweek pamper session will focus on a different pampering method each week and hopefully I can get you all inspired to take time out for yourselves once a week to break up the boring work week and make it a bit more enjoyable.

Most of my pamper ideas will take 30minutes to an hour of your Wednesday evening, and will have you feeling absolutely lovely! I'll also try to feature some products that I love to use for each pamper as I go, so that you guys can get a feel for what I like to use to make me feel happy and relaxed.

I'll try to include pampering sessions that are relevant to both my readers in the Southern Hemisphere, where we are heading into summer, and my readers in the Northern Hemisphere, where winter is fast approaching.

Stay tuned this evening for my very first Midweek pamper session!

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