Thursday, 15 November 2012

SHARETIME! Dollar cosmetic club.

So as a part of my blogging, I want to be able to share things that are completely awesome with you, my dear readers. Lots of bloggers would find this little gem and keep it to themselves, and I say WHY???????????? It doesn't affect my access to the awesome to let other people have it too!!! Maybe I'm just a sharing, caring kinda person. So here's today's kind-of review.

Allow me to introduce you to Dollar Cosmetic Club. They have this website where they offer brand name cosmetics for $1 each. You can buy a maximum of 2 of each product, and shipping (per order, not per piece) is generally $ for $7, you can have 2 brand name products, PLUS they will usually offer a bonus product if you hit the share button at the checkout and tell all your facebook or twitter friends what you got! Last week, I received 2 Revlon Just Bitten lip stains and an Almay organic eyeshadow for $7.

So what's the catch, you say? Well... really there isn't one, but there are a couple of minor downsides that are totally justifiable by the price you're paying.
First of all, they don't ship it immediately after you buy it. Generally there's a week or two between paying for the products and actually receiving them. They are dealing with a lot of orders. Be patient. You paid a dollar!
Then there's the selection. Basically, you don't get a choice of colour. They send you what they have. My 2 lip stains were both in the colour Lust, but the same day I received 2 Max Factor lipglosses and they were 2 different colours. It's just the luck of the draw. Get over it. You paid a dollar!

Apart from that, it's all the awesome! I can't wait for their next offer!

You can find them at

Also, yesterday they launched a new dealie-thingie with their other part, cosmetics corner, who have lots of really awesome (high end!!!) products for cheap Today I picked up an Elizabeth Arden foundation for $12, and a Calvin Klein lipstick for $8! You can't go wrong! Check it out!

I'm not being paid by, asked by or encouraged by Dollar Cosmetic Club to endorse their site. They have not reimbursed me in any way, and I have not received free product from them. I simply wish to share awesome deals with my readers.

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