Tuesday, 27 November 2012

New craze: Hair chalk!

I admit that I'm a total trend follower when something catches my eye, and this week, a friend of mine (thanks, Alice!) alerted me to the existence of this awesome new hair-colour-changing trend.

This morning in the mail was my brand new pack of 12 chalk sticks from hairchalk.com.au, and I set to work colouring in every bit of hair I could find...some of which did not belong to me... be Max enjoyed having "rock and roll hair" for the day.

I have an important event on this coming weekend (some of you might see me with my chalked hair if you venture out to the big Expo that's on this weekend in Melbourne) which allows me to dress up a bit and go wild with my hair, so I've already coloured in my clip-in hair extensions with several different colours and they look GREAT!

All in all, they are a little bit messy to use (I hear the chalk "bugs" they sell are less messy) but definitely worth the effort. Even if you get it all over the bathroom, your face, your clothes or the carpet, it just rinses right out.

Available from www.hairchalk.com.au (I love promoting little aussie companies, and my order was so personally presented, with my name written on the intro letter inside the package and everything), it's well worth the $15.95 and with FREE SHIPPING, you can't go wrong! Check it out!

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