Saturday, 24 August 2013

The review you've all been waiting for: BABYFOOT! - WARNING- gross alert.

Real baby feet. I took this picture when my Max was
 less than a week old.
A few weeks ago, I tried out the new craze in Pedicure products that is taking Australasia by storm. Babyfoot is a chemical peel that works on your feet for up to 2 weeks after the initial application.
It's activated by water in the days and weeks after you use it and I have some tips below for better results.

It comes as a pack of 2 plastic "socks", filled with a chemical, which you have to put on your feet, tape up tight and leave on for 2 hours.

*TIP #1: If you can avoid walking at all while you have these on, it will work better. Plus, they are really slippery and it's dangerous.

At $30 per pair, it seems a bit steep, but I have seen them in different places online for a lot less.

So I soaked my feet in these crazy socks, all the time hoping that my feet didn't fall off when I took them out. I'm always a bit wary of anything that has harsh ingredients, particularly acids whether they are natural or synthetically produced.
 They were really good with the not leaking. I had expected them to be messy, but they didn't leak at all, even when I walked in them, and they were relatively low fuss to put on and take off.

After I took the socks off and rinsed my feet, tghey looked pretty much the same as they had before I started. Perhaps a little softer because they had been soaking in liquid for two hours, but largely the same. I didn't have terrible looking feet to begin with, so that might explain why I didn't experience the massive wh
ole-foot peeling that other people seem to get. Here's a pic of my feet after I soaked them:

The first thing I noticed in the couple of days after I did the initial application is that my nail polish chipped and flaked off.It was glitter polish, the most formidable of nail polishes, and it flaked right off. This concerned me greatly. I kept waiting for my whole foot to fall off.
Over the next week or so, every time i took a shower, I peeled my feet. The peeling was minimal after a shower, so I decided to take a bath and really soak my feet. That really helped, and the skin started peeling off in big chunks. *TIP#2: The more you have baths/soak your feet, the more you will peel. Also, the worse shape your feet are in, the more results you'll get. The finished product seems about the same for everyone, it's just the journey to get there that differs depending how gross your feet are.
After-shower peel
After a bath - the HORROR

All in all, definitely something I would do again. My feet have been lovely and soft with little maintenance, for weeks afterward, and I'm sure when I get back from Texas my feet will be in need of some TLC. The extreme heat there will mean I don't wear shoes and socks for most of the time I'm there.

Definitely check them out. Your feet won't fall off, and as long as you can deal with bits of skin in your socks, your bed, your bath, and everywhere you walk for a couple off weeks, they are well worth the effort. Don't pay $30 a pair for them, though. shop around online, searching for "babyfoot, babyfeet, or butterfly feet". I'm sure you'll find something.

Have you used this product? Did you like it?

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