Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Nail Art: Matching your nails to your outfit.

I have the wonderful fortune to travel in a circle of friends who love to dress up and hit the town in our very finest. I happen to love wearing (real, steel boned) corsets, and so for our outing on Friday night, I have decided to wear my new girlie pink one with blue floral swirly pattern. Isn't it beautiful?

So I'm going to need gorgeous nails to go with my gorgeous outfit, and of course, because I love my nail art, I have just the thing. a couple of OPI miniatures in a neon pink, and a baby pink, which I think are from the Dutch treats and Nicki Minaj collections respectively, and my blue BYS nail art polish.

First, we apply base coat (I'm using Revlon quick dry base coat), then a generous coat of the neon pink.

Once that's dry, apply a thin coat of the baby pink over the top.

Using the blue nail art polish, start drawing in swirly, floral patterns, using the corset pattern as a guide.

Let that dry completely before adding a generous coat of OPI RapiDry top coat. If you don't let the nail art dry completely before you use the top coat, you'll smear all your hard work all over the place and have to start over.

So there we have it. What do you think?

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  1. Love it! Looks great! Found you on blog hop, new follower:)