Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Trendsday: the sock bun.

I am seeing "the sock bun" everywhere! Even JLo wore one at the Oscars this year!

My hair is still very short (just sitting on my shoulders now), so I'm going to slip in some extensions to try this with. My apologies for any visible clips or hair-colour-not-matching type faux pas.

So what you need to make a sock bun is:
A pair of scissors
A sock that you really don't want any more (a clean one!!!!)
Bobby pins
A hair elastic
A little bit of patience

Cut the toe end off the sock, and throw it away. Then roll the sock tightly into a bagel-type shape.
Next, secure your hair into a high ponytail with the hair elastic, making sure to smooth out the hair on the top of your head (you can tease, or use some Umberto Giannini Backcomb in a bottle if you want a little more volume on top).
Put the end of your ponytail through the middle of your sock-bagel, and start to roll it down the length of your hair, spreading the ponytail out and covering the sock-bagel as you roll it. (If you're having trouble with these instructions, I'll pop a youtube tutorial up in the next few days. Let me know if you want me to do it.)
Once you get the sock-bagel all rolled up inside the hair and sitting close to your head, just secure it in place with a few bobby pins and give it a spray with your favourite hairspray. I've used Fudge Urban Vanilla Raspberry hairspray.
Et Voila! That's it! The sock bun! Give it a try, tell me how you go! Mine turned out a bit messy, but with practise, it becomes easier to do it neatly. FYI, this was the first time I'd tried this.

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