Reviews: are written with my own opinion, always. I don't generally blog reviews of products that I do not like, simply to avoid any negativity on my blog.

Occasionally, the products I review were provided to me for free by the company distributing the product. The above remains true. If I do not like the product, I return it and do not blog it. If I like it, I write an honest review.

Giveaways: happen occasionally on the blog. They are always in the spirit of fun and positivity. Once I have posted your giveaway prize, should you win one, my responsibility ends. I can provide proof of postage if required.

Makeup tips and tricks: are all things that I have learned over my years of makeup use. I am not a makeup artist. I may not be doing things the "right" way. The tools and techniques that I do use are the very best that are available to me, and I'm constantly researching and upgrading both my skills and my equipment. You can guarantee if I learn a new skill with makeup, you'll hear about it shortly after.

Other blog and brand affiliations: do not exist. I am not a part of any other beauty or fashion blog, and I do not have direct partnerships with product companies. If I get paid for a post, I will tell you on the post. My blog is for fun, for me to try out new products and techniques and share my knowledge with the world.

My Google/YouTube Network partnership: is the only way that I currently earn money from my YouTube channel. The ads that appear there are a result of that, and you are under no obligation to click on any of them. I am currently partnered with Boom Video Network.

My Nuffnang affiliation: is another way that I can earn money from my blog. Once again, the ads that appear under the Nuffnang banner appear as a result of that, and you are under no obligation to click on any of them.

Other advertising: May appear from brands who have rented space on my blog. Again, you are under no obligation to click on any of them.

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