Monday, 24 September 2012

Monday How-to: Help your skin recover from a huge night out

All dolled up and ready to go out, I've applied a double layer of foundation and half the eyeliner in the free world, and I'm ready to go.

Skip forward to 3am, I'm exhausted from dancing and socializing, my skin is dehydrated from drinking alcohol and staying in the air conditioned environment. I even skipped out to the smokers' area to talk to friends a couple of times. I fall into bed, don't even remember to take all of that makeup off or take a drink of water and wake up several hours later feeling.... not my best.

Worse that that, my skin is not feeling it's best, either, and it won't until I've taken care of it for a few days.

So how do I undo the damage that I've done? We've all done it on occasion, and TLC is required to bring your skin back under control and have it loving you again.

First, you need to go and drink a big glass of water...and do that again about 10 times during the day for a couple of days. That will help the queasy, not-quite-well feelings too. Also, you should cut back on greasy, sugary foods and keep your intake to really "clean" foods. Lean meats, vegetables, fruits. A bit of a detox, if you like.

Then, you need to go get rid of that nasty makeup that's smeared across your face (you may also want to change your pillow case...). Get rid of the majority with makeup wipes, then get into the shower and give it a really good scrub and cleanse. Biore have an awesome range of products for this, and I'm currently using their daily detoxifying scrub and 4 in one foam cleanser in the shower.
Make sure your face is sparkling clean, then hop out and do a little more work. You can use a face mask if you want to. I like BYS' tea tree mask.

After that's all washed off, you need to tone and moisturise. and an hour later, moisturise again.

Use a night cream, if you don't already.

Rinse and repeat until your skin recovers completely.

Lots of lip balm is important, too.

So, that's how to help your skin recover from a big night out! When was your last big night? Did you have fun?

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