Sunday, 30 September 2012

September Bellabox!

I'm so excited! My first ever bellabox arrived today and I got all happy and shaky like a kid at christmas waiting to get home and open it. And when I did,
I was very pleased and felt very lucky!

First, a little about bellabox and what it is. Basically, for $15 per month, you get sent a box containing several samples of beauty-related products to try. Some of the product samples will be full size, some will be smaller versions that contain a few uses, and some will be single-use product samples, usually at the higher end of the beauty market.
It's a great way for people like me, who love beauty products and would love to have ALL THE THINGS, but can't necessarily afford to be out buying different things all the time, or other people, also like me, who write blogs about these things and would like a way to try products before reviewing them, to get their hands on lots of new and exciting products.

So, onto the exciting part. What's in it?

My box contains:
Bioderma Sebuim Foaming gel, 10ml
Facial cleanser. Looks great, can't wait to try it! (regular size, 200ml RRP $24.95)

Bioderma Sebium Akn Purifying Corrective care, 5ml
Facial cram for smoothing and purifying the skin, eliminating blackheads and blemishes. (regular size, 30ml, RRP $24.95)

You me and every body sumptuous skin mousse, 75ml (full size sample)
Fun moisturiser in foam form, non greasy.  (RRP $13.99)

Australis Lash TLC conditioning mascara, 11ml (another full size sample!)
Mascara with conditioners to keep natural lashes looking and feeling great (RRP $14.95)

Klorane dry shampoo with oat milk, 50ml
Dry shampoo, for gentle cleansing between washes (regular size, 150ml RRP $12.95)

Lancome Visionnaire polishing cream, 5ml
Corrective polishing cream for a smooth complexion (regular size, 50ml RRP $125)

So, is it worth it? Well, if you consider that I received a full sized mascara that costs the same amount as the entire box....of course it's worth it! I actually feel like the excitement it caused was well worth the $15 all by itself! There was also a voucher inside the box for $15 from, which I believe is a gift with purchase (min. $69 spend).

Can't wait until next month's bellabox!!!!!


  1. YAY Just signed up for my very first Bellabox, can't wait to see what I get:) Thanks for this great tip on inexpensive ways to try new products!

  2. Isn't it awesome!?!? I can't wait to get this month's box... it's always like christmas! They ship around the 15th of each month, and again around the 24th for later subscribers or if they have too many to do.