Monday, 1 October 2012

Monday how-to by request: Red Lips

This week's how-to Monday is by request from reader Jenni, who asked me to do a how-to about red lipstick and how to make it look good, no matter your skin tone.

Well, to begin with, the main thing you want to do to achieve that timeless bombshell look with red lipstick is to apply a second coat of mascara, some black liquid liner, maybe some false lashes, and keep the eye makeup simple and elegant. Use neautral tones, lighter shades, perhaps a very delicately smoked eye. The easiest way to end up looking more drag queen than silver screen princess is to over-do the eye makeup and team it with bright red lips.

All of the products I'm going to use today are the ones I've fished out of my everyday makeup kit. I think I got all of them at Target, perhaps with the exception of the Beauty Works one, which is a super-cheapie I got from the pharmacy.

Let's start with the gloss and get it out of the way. If what you're after is a super-glossy red pout, then you can't go past Napoleon Perdis Chandalier Shine in Roccoco Red. First, you need to not only line, but colour in your entire lip with the Maybelline Liner pencil in Red 50. Then paint over the liner with the lip gloss, being careful not to go over the edges of the liner. If you go over the edge, the colour will bleed outwards and that just looks... unsightly.

L'Oreal Colour Riche Serum
Next, let's look at the two traditional style lipsticks. The first one is by Beauty Works, and the colour is not specified on the packaging. The other is L'Oreal colour Riche Serum in Luminous Scarlet S501. This time, line your lips with the lip liner, then apply a generous coat of the lipstick. Take a tissue, fold it in half and blot your lipstick by placing the tissue between your lips and pressing them together (don't rub). Then apply another coat of lipstick and you're all set.

Last of all, we have a different formulation. L'Oreal Infallible Duo Compact lipstick in Immortal Red 504 consists of one colour stick, which you apply like the other lipsticks (one coat) and allow to dry completely (around 5 minutes will be plenty of time. Do your eye makeup and come back to it for the top coat). Then, once the base colour is dry, apply a generous coat of the top coat, which is a clear, shiny almost balm-like consistency.

The one I use most often is the L'Oreal Infallible Duo. It lasts all day, through eating, kissing, drinking, and general lipsmacking. I'd certainly recommend it to any of my friends, so I'm recommending it to you, dear readers.

For those of you with a more ivory or pink tone, choose shades that fade slightly pink. For girls with a more yellow tone, a brick red is always a great choice. Never try to wear a red that's especially dark for your skintone, unless you're after a goth look.

L-R - Maybelline pencil, NP gloss, Beauty Works, Colour Riche Serum, Infallible 
That's about all I have for you on red lipsticks. Be sure to stay tuned later in the week for a great review!

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