Monday, 22 October 2012

Monday How-To: loose, flowing curls.....with a straightening tool.

I bought a new straightener on the weekend, and realized I hadn't shown you guys any of my hardware, or how to use it, so I'll show you over the next few weeks how to use different pieces of equipment or how to achieve certain looks using your straightener, curling wand, hair dryer, etc.

First up, how to create soft, loose curls with your straightening tool.

Begin with your straightener nice and hot, and all the tangles combed out of your hair.

Take your hair and pin up the top 2/3 of it (you might want to do 3/4 if your hair is thick). Start work at the bottom of your hair, taking small sections, approximately an inch wide.

Clamp the section in your straightener as if you were going to straighten it, then turn the whole straightener over, so that the hair is wrapped around it. I always flip mine up, but the same result can be achieved by flipping it under, the curl just runs in the opposite direction. Pull the straightener through your hair, keeping it's "flipped up" position all the way down the hair section, and voila! A lovely little curl!

Continue all through the lower section, then let down another 1/3 of your hair and style that in the same way. Pay attention to the back of your hair, you want to look just as good from the back as you do from the front!

Work through the sections and curl all of your hair, then all that's left to do is just to add some argan oil to your fingertips and run your fingers through the curls.. Done!

Let me know what hardware/styling how-to you want to see next!

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