Monday, 29 October 2012

Monday How-to: Choosing the right mascara for you.

There are so many different kinds of mascara out there. Definining, Curling, Plumping, Extending, the list goes on and on. So how do you choose which kind of mascara is best for you? Basically, it's all to do with personal preference, rather than face shape, colouring or eye shape, so I'm going to show you some of my favourite mascaras that have a home in my makeup kit, and come out to play dependent on my mood or the occasion.

First, a really great everyday mascara. Australis Lash TLC curling mascara is a really great one to use if you're out and about during the day, just hanging out. The effect is quite nice, it lifts and defines the lash, curling it gently and of course tinting it (mine is black). The other great thing about Lash TLC is that it contains conditioners to look after your lashes while you're wearing it, which is another reason I like it as a day-to day mascara. You may recognize this product from the September bellabox blog post. I love it when a sample becomes a staple.

Innoxa Ultimate Lash mascara is going to be my awesome beach mascara this summer. It's water-resistant (so a splash of water won't make it run, but it cleans off easily when you wash your face), lash curling and plumping, and you can build it up for a more dramatic look with two or more coats, so it easily becomes a beach-to-dinner-date product with a simple extra application. This product was provided for review by the lovely people at Innoxa. My opinions, of course, are always my own.

 Then we have Natio Lash Definition mascara, which really lives up to its name. It separates my lashes perfectly, adding a lovely black tint, while lengthening my lashes just enough for daytime, worktime, anytime wear. This product was provided for review by the lovely people at Natio. My opinions, of course, are always my own.

Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express is a product that has had a home in my makeup kit for a really long time. I always find that when I run out or it starts to get old, I really want to replace it and always have it in my case. It gives the fattest lashes ever, which is awesome for night time going out wear. It also makes a really good foundation for false lashes, creating a really dense look underneath them.

Last of all, we have my very favourite ever mascara. Another one from Maybelline, it's a two-step formula called XXL Extensions. First the primer goes on to create a longer, fatter lash, then once you give that a minute to dry, you go in with the black tope coat and finish the look. Twice in my life I've been asked by heterosexual men if my eyelashes were real or "fake", and both times I was wearing this mascara. It's a winner for any special occasion.

Pro-tip for mascara: Your lashes are cylindrical, so make sure you swoop in from above the lash as well as underneath to ensure maximum coverage and effect.

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