Monday, 10 December 2012

Monday How-to: Hair Diamonds

Shine bright like a diamond! I have always loved having sparkly things to put in my hair. I think it comes from so many years on the stage, under those awesome lights, my sparkly hair accessories catching the light and giving me a sparkly glow.

So when the amazing people at hair chalk sent me some of their iron-in hair diamonds to try, I was so stoked!

For my video tutorial, look here:

Here's how they work:

The diamonds come on a sheet, which you can cut to get the amount of diamonds you want in the shape you want. You can place them one at a time, as pictured above, or cut a strip or shape for your hair.

Leave them attached to the clear plastic and place them where you want them. They'll stick to where you put them, so do it carefully.

To set the glue, clamp the diamond for a few seconds with your hot iron (straightener). Please note that for strips or shapes, you need to clamp each diamond individually, don't run the straightener down the line of diamonds. Once you've clamped them, remove the plastic sheet.

And that is it! They will last up to a week, unless you want to remove them, which you can do using alcohol (I used hand sanitizer and they came out really easily).

Available from go grab some for yourself! They are really affordable and the shipping is fast and free! Tell them Katy sent you!

This product was provided to me by the amazing people at hair chalk. As always, my opinions are my own. Images from

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