Tuesday, 11 December 2012

A special treat from Eylure!

This morning, I received a parcel. I had no idea what it was, but it was in a large bubblewrap satchel... so I was intrigued.

Inside, I found this box! What on earth is this all about? Disco?

Then I opened it, and everything made sense! It's the new release ultimate party lashes from Hedkandi by Eylure!

And when they say ultimate party lashes, they're not even joking a tiny bit! The lashes are Glitterball, an awesome, thick lash designed to give a really full look for the perfect NYE party face; Twisted Disco, a dual-length lash with plenty of pop to add a bit of sassiness to any party look; and my favourite, Ibiza, a black-and-blue tapered lash with tiny blue diamantes on the outer corner for an extra little bit of glam.

They include lash adhesive, and you can use them over and over, just be sure to clean them like I've shown you in a tutorial before, ideally after each use, to keep them gunk-free and your eyes happy.

But wait....here's the most exciting part. Eylure have given me a pair of each of these lashes to include in my Christmas giveaway!
That's right, a lucky reader is going to receive all three sets of these gorgeous party lashes, as well as a bunch of other beauty products AND a super-special surprise gift! I'm super-super grateful to them for contributing to the giveaway.

If you can't wait to see if you win, and simply must get out and find these lashes for yourself, it's really easy. Just head into your local Priceline store and look for the packaging with the cute party girls on the front! They are only $14.99 RRP, so really affordable, gorgeous lashes have never been easier to get your hands on! Be quick, though, because they're limited edition and won't be around forever!
Top to bottom: Glitterball, Ibiza, Twisted Disco

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