Monday, 10 December 2012

Super-sneaky peek: Christmas giveaway.

With Christmas steadily approaching and my viewcount going crazy, I'm happy to tell you all, my dear readers, that we are definitely going to be having a Christmas giveaway...and it's a big one!

I took a picture of the product I have and could fit in the shot so that you guys can have a really quick sneaky peek at the kind of things on offer, but I'm still working out the details of the giveaway and what extra-special things you'll have to do to win it, so it's by no means complete yet.

I can also tell you that there's a super-secret special product that I'm going to include in the giveaway. It's really awesome and I really want to tell you all what it is...but you'll have to wait.

Also, I will acknowledge and thank several companies who have contributed product that I have included so far in the giveaway. Eylure, Biore, and So...? fragrances all have products in the giveaway that were provided to me free of charge, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. there are some other companies that are contributing, and I'll get around to thanking them when I do my official giveaway post.

So...I know what you're all thinking... Shut up, Katy and show us what's in there so far!!!!


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