Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Back on track / hair chalk update

After a super-busy weekend with working commitments at the exhibition center, and coming home to a sick child who stayed home from school yesterday, I'm back on track and today I'll be filming my November favourites, a makeup tutorial video, and maybe also a hair diamonds tute.

I wanted to update you guys on my hair chalk use. I used it on my hair extensions (and in my natural hair) which I wore through two 4-hour shifts under heavy lighting and lots of crowds (ie: sweaty environment) and they retained the chalk really well. I'd done as the directions say and sealed the colour with heat and hairspray, and I didn't get any on my clothes, my face, or anywhere else.

I also used some hair diamonds from the same company, which I'll cover in a separate post and a video tutorial. They were fantastic!

The fabulous people at hairchalk.com.au sent me some extra products to try out, including their chalk in a different form, which is a bit easier to use and not quite as messy. The hairchalk "bugs" are similar to a small makeup pan (large eyeshadow or blush sized), and it's easier to rub your hair into the wet pan of chalk, rather than to rub the wet, dripping stick of chalk onto your hair (and drip the colour everywhere). I think you also use less chalk because you're not losing it to the drips.

hair tinsel
They also sent me some hair tinsel, which is going to be awesome in the coming holiday season. I have a clip in one, and a set of tie-in (which seem to be glow in the dark!!!!w00t!!) hair tinsel, so once I get a chance to try them out, you guys will hear all about it.

The other thing I should mention about the hair chalk is that the cleaning is really easy. I have really chemically processed hair, and it had a bunch of product in it on top of the hair chalk, but it washed right out with a double rinse-and-repeat. I did find that it made my hair quite dry, so the second night that I wore it, after I washed it out, I dropped in some leave-in conditioner overnight, and that helped a lot.

I have entered hairchalk's christmas giveaway, and so should you! Just go take a look at www.hairchalk.com.au and enter via email for your chance to win an awesome Christmas pack! If you're lucky, I may even buy some more hair chalk bugs to include in the 5000 view Christmas giveaway! Maybe we should take a vote on which colours you guys like.
UPDATE: Sarah from HairChalk has offered to send me a 12 pack of hair chalk sticks, containing all of the colours, to include in my Christmas giveaway. This is amazing, and I thank her very, very much.

Ok, I'm off for now to film some videos and get some stuff done. Catch you all later!

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