Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Midweek pamper session: Face mask!

 Whether it's a pore strip, a full cloth or a liquid, there's not much I like better for relaxation than a face mask. Just the thought of lying down with a nice cooling mask on my face makes me feel instantly more relaxed.

So this evening we're going to take 20 minutes to give ourselves a little bit of quiet relaxation time and pamper our skin a little bit with a face mask.

Some of my readers have asked me how to choose the right mask for your face, and the answer really is that it's all down to personal preference. Some people like a heating mask, some like a cooling mask. Some people like a cloth mask, and others prefer a peel-off or the kind that goes on like a cream and dries out.

You should take a look at the ingredients and decide what will be best for your skin type, maybe even buy a few different ones to try.
The very best masks I've ever tried are skinmiso nose strips and lon vitalite 24K gold mask. They are amazing.

So... now that you've chosen your mask, go! Use it! Take 20 minutes, play some relaxing music and just chill out, forget about the world.

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