Friday, 14 December 2012

Challenge me: Nail art!

 I'm ok with nail art. I'm a naturally creative person, and I really love to make some pretty nails for people to look at. It makes me happy.

Lately, my friend Jan has been posting pics on facebook of nail art she's seen and liked and tagged me in the pics to see if I could recreate the looks.

So what I'm thinking is, maybe you, my dear readers, could join in the challenge!

If you see a nail art that you like, post the pic on my facebook wall here: and I'll post my recreation of the look! When I have a few to post, I'll pop the pics side by side in a blog post and we can all have a look!

You can also tag me @katylylak on Instagram and I'll see the pictures there if you happen to see something cool on there.

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