Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Here's a skill I get asked about a lot. How to make lipstick last as long as possible. It's really pretty simple when you get down to it. You need to layer and build the colour as well as you can in order to keep it on your lips for longer.

Usually, I'll combine a liner, a lipstick and a gloss to achieve this. Usually, I only have to carry the gloss for touch-ups and that keeps me going all day. Here, I've chosen asap mineral lip pencil, ChiChi viva la diva lipstick, and Revlon lip butter.

Step 1: Liner. Use the pencil to line your lips, then colour in your entire lips with the pencil to get a really good covering of colour as a base. This will have a better overall look if your lips are well taken care of.

Step 2: Lipstick. Apply a generous coat of your lipstick, making sure you don't get it all over your teeth and that you've covered the entire lip.

Step 3: Blot. Using a tissue, clamp your lips down to blot away some of the lipstick colour. This will allow your lipstick to dry a little bit more and the colour will adhere better to the lip liner.

Step 4: Gloss. Apply a slick of lip gloss over the top as a finishing coat. If you like a more matte look, you can use another coat of lipstick instead.

And that's it. That's all I do. To me, that seems like a lot of mucking around, but I suppose it only takes a few minutes to make sure you get a really long lasting colour. Obviously it helps if you're using a long wear lipstick, too.

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