Thursday, 10 October 2013


Spring has most definitely sprung and I'm ready for a bit of a change up in my makeup routine as the months get warmer.

Here are a few of my essential items for spring, and heading into summer:

Number one, hands down, and without a doubt is sunscreen. I have very fair, sun-sensitive skin. Having now traveled overseas as an adult, I can definitely say that the sunshine we get here is so much harsher than other places, even in Texas, where it's like an oven 9 months of the year, I just didn't feel the sun beating down on me like I do at home. Dylan Moran famously jokes in his stand-up routine that Australia is three quarters of a mile away from the sun.
I like Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer dry touch sunblock. It's SPF 70, and it has one of the less-greasy feels. Every sunblock is going to feel like sunblock on your skin. There's just no getting around it. I think we just have to sacrifice a tiny bit in the warmer months especially, to have our skin protected.

Next is Red Velvet soap from The Soap Bakery (Vic). These guys are in the process of getting their website up and running, but can be found at local farmers markets around Melbourne. I highly recommend a trip out to one of the local markets to smell their awesome scents. My favourites right now are Red Velvet and Chai.

Super awesome for spring are these Lonvitalite cloth facial and hand masks. They allow you to take a 20 minute break to take care of your skin. Springtime is a really beautiful time of year, but there are so many allergens in the air! Take the time to give your skin a break and a bit of rehab with their awesome masks.

Every girl needs a really fantastic lip treatment, and I've found one of the best. Sukin's nourishing lip treatment is absolutely beautiful, and very reasonably priced. It keeps my lips soft and nourished, and I'm always happy about that.

Looking for a bit of extra oomph without wearing really heavy false lashes? I love Eylure naturalites. They are lightweight, natural-looking lashes that will give you just a touch of extra pizazz without weighing down your eyes. Perfect for warmer weather.

As it starts to heat up, I like to go for a less-heavy approach to makeup, and my lips are a great place to start. Switching heavy lipsticks for Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait, or Kissable Balm Stain in Honey, are a couple of my perfect ways to finish a springtime look.

Keeping it light is something I'll also switch to for my eye makeup, so I switch up from my heavy mascaras to something a little lighter, and Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless mascara is a really good one for giving length and definition without weighing down the lashes.

Next up, for lightening the look on my face, Revlon's new Nearly Naked foundation is perfect for springtime wear. A gorgeous, lightweight coverage, which can be worn alone for a dewy look, or with the pressed powder for a more matte finish, it won't leave your skin feeling cakey at all, which is awesome when the heat increases.

Last of all, my nail polish picks for spring are mostly lighter colours, some neons and pastels, but definitely keeping it a bit lighter and brighter than your usual winter nails is the way to go. I love these colours from Sinful Colors, OPI and Sephora by OPI.

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