Wednesday, 9 October 2013


 This week, I'm all about relaxing. After a break from medication to control my anxiety (because I needed pain meds more urgently for my leg), I'm at the point where everything is just a little too stressful, and I need to concentrate on balancing out the anxiety again.

I'm getting my body used to the meds again,(over the counter sleep aids, which help tremendously - it's amazing what a decent night's sleep will do for a body), and I'm taking some time out to just relax and take care of myself.

That's where the awesome people at Lonvitalite come in. They have sent me one of every product to have a look at and review, and those of you who have been reading since the beginning already know I'm a massive fan of their products!

This one is my favourite quick-pick-me-up product of theirs, and it's the easiest and least intrusive one. Their C8 collagen crystal eye mask just sits on the face, under the eye, and works its magic there for 10-20 minutes while you chill out and read a book, surf the net, or even just close your eyes and zone out for a bit.

I find that it really helps with my eye bags and dark circles. It feels really nice on the skin, and even with my sensitive skin, it causes no irritation whatsoever.

I'll be doing an entire-brand review with some more information for you guys later in the week. I really think that Lonvitalite is a company worth supporting. They have come from expensive, salon-only products, to affordable (for the same product - I've tried their 24K gold mask before and after the restructure, and it's exactly the same) products that anyone can get their hands on!

Even better than that, you can get yourself an awesome 10% discount on their entire range just by using the code KATY at checkout (click the ad in my right bar to go straight to the website)! That's amazing value, and I'm really happy to be able to offer that to you guys. Get it while it lasts! Check out their awesome range of skincare facial cloth masks, hand and eye masks at today!

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