Thursday, 10 January 2013

Review Thursday: Samantha Chapman Real Techniques stippling brush

I picked up this brush when I went into my local beauty supply store for nail polish remover and files. I just really liked the aesthetic of it.

For those of you who don't know what it is, a stippling brush is awesome for application of pretty much any base product; foundations, blushes, highlighters, whether they are cream or powder.

This one is a duo-fibre brush, with a really dense head of shorter bristles, and the perfect amount of longer, finer, softer bristles.

I don't ever apply cream products with a brush because I just never got the hang of it, so I have had lots of success with powders using this brush. It really buffs the powder on beautifully and gives you a perfect finish.

The last two benefits of this brush are simple, yet unusual for a brush of this quality. First, it has a flat end, so you can load it up with powder and sit it up on the counter so that you don't lose any product if you need to put the brush down for any reason.

Last of all is the price. You won't find a better brush for ten bucks anywhere.
You can find it here:

What's your favourite cosmetics brush?

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  1. gave this one to my friend.. but i own almost all of their brushes (except for their stipple and kabuki) and oh boy am i blown away with the quality and price.. these brushes are truly AMAZING! i also love Sigma brushes too :)

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