Friday, 18 January 2013

Big Hair Friday! (the wonder of hair extensions)

So I'm going to visit with my partner, who is currently living in Texas, at the end of August. I bought a spiffy new dress and sent him a picture of it, so that he could "ooh" and "ahh" about it, because I hardly ever buy nice things for myself and I wanted to show off.

When I uttered the words "All it needs is some big Texas hair!", he panicked and had visions of Dolly Parton and Dallas in the 80's, so I needed to show him what I meant by the "2013 version" of big Texas hair.

First, here's a picture of me, in the dress, with my natural hair curled. I have no makeup on, which you'll have to forgive, because this post is all about the hair!
It's nice and all, but for a really special occasion (like an anniversary dinner when you haven't seen each other in forever!), it lacks that little extra oomph that a really snazzy dress requires. This is a wear-your-prettiest-knickers kind of date, and a "wow" kind of dress. It's got to be special hair to go with it.

Cue my awesome Remy 100% human hair clip-in extensions, which I've done everything from straightening to curling to crimping and blowdrying with, and they are still perfect.

I have 2 full-head sets of 20" extensions in dark brown (the closest to my shade), and here I have curled them softly with my little Remington straightener to give some body and movement to them.

I think they add a lot of sex appeal, and a more feminine look, just perfect for a date with the fella. I think when we go out to a fancy restaurant, I might go all out and put some makeup on too!

What do you think? Short and natural, or big, long and full of volume?

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