Tuesday, 15 January 2013

A new approach for Lush.

I know I'm a little slow to jump on the Lush cosmetics bandwagon, but I've had these images in my inbox for a while and just didn't get to them until now because I really wanted to put a massive effort.

So Lush have had the most gorgeous soap and bath products around for a really long time, and they never really delved too far into the cosmetics side of it....until now.

They have released their "Emotional Brilliance" range of cosmetics and there is something for everyone in this super-pigmented range.
From foundations to liquid liners, eyeshadows, lip tints and everything in between, Lush have really hit the market with a bang. The best part is their middle-of-the-road pricing! They are definitely sitting above drug store/ pharmacy brand makeup in their price range, but they are still totally affordable, and for the quality of the product, keeping in mind that everything they do is cruelty-free and organic where they can, I really think they have done very well to keep it reasonably cheap, as far as good quality cosmetics are concerned.

I actually haven't had a chance to get instore to try them out just yet, but you can certainly expect a follow-up post in the next couple of weeks with some swatches and additional info about dome of the products more specifically.

They are definitely worth a look, even if you only go in to look and smell everything in the store. The staff are always super friendly and helpful and everything in their store is so beautifully presented and smells gorgeous.

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