Thursday, 24 January 2013

Review: BYS 3D Nail art polish

 Browsing around Gloss the other day, I picked up this awesome little gem. I covered it a little bit in my Monday how-to post this week, but I'll go into a bit more detail on it now.

It's basically a glitter polish, but the glitter is really, really chunky.

It takes a bit of patience, but when you get enough coats on there, it's a really awesome look that will last for ages.

To make it look like it does below, you need to start with a base of colour. I used a blue from the OPI Texas collection. Then I did 4 coats of the 3D polish, then topcoat, waiting for each coat to dry before adding more.

It's the kind of nail stuff to do while you're watching a movie, or have a good half hour of quiet time.

I think you'll agree that the effect is well worth the extra time.

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