Monday, 7 January 2013

How-to Monday: Tigger nails!!!

Here's something really cute that I stumbled across on Instagram and decided to try myself. It's such a simple technique, and the result is awesome and everyone who has seen it on me absolutely loves it. Even the man in my life said " I LOVE that!" when he saw it.

First, here's the tutorial that I filmed and posted to YouTube, which shows you how to do it:

Or, here's the step by step instructions:

 Step 1: Base coat.

I use Revlon quick dry base coat, but you can use whichever base coat you prefer. The brands used in the tutorial are just the ones that I had in the colours that I needed.

One light coat of base coat to get you started.
Step 2: French base.

Using any baby or french pink, lightly coat your  thumb, index finger, middle finger (yes, in the video I referred to it as my "bird" finger!) and pinky finger.

Leave your ring finger without the pink coat if you're doing a full nail of Tigger like I've done. You only need the pink layer if you're doing the "french" style tips.
 Step 3: Bright orange.

I'm using a neon orange from Orly's hot shots collection.

You need 2 coats; on the full ring finger nail and just on the tips of all the other fingers, as shown in the video.

I followed the line of my acrylic tips (the white part), so it was super easy.
Step 4: Tiger stripes.

I don't know a way to do this without a striper polish, but as you can clearly see in the video, this BYS nail art polish cost me $4.50, and it's really versatile. You'll use it for so many different nail arts.

Starting at the top of the nail and only working over the orange part, begin on one side, right at the top and using the striper to work a thick line, brushing down to a thin brush stroke three quarters of the way across the nail. You'll get the hang of it as you go. The stripes don't have to be perfect.
Step 5: Finishing.

Top coat is important so that your polish doesn't chip or flake away quickly. There is a technique to this, though. Basically, you want to work from side to side on the nail, so that if the top coat happens to smudge the striper, it smudges in the direction of the stripes and doesn't ruin the art.

And that's it. It's that easy.

Do you love this look? Will you try it out?

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