Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Not exactly a beauty post - Clearly Contacts!

As most of you know, and anyone who has watched my beauty videos has seen, I wear glasses. They are an all-day-every-day type thing for me, because I have some vision issues including Astygmatism and short-sightedness.

I recently found a great, really super affordable place to buy contact and glasses (even designer rims!) and I want to share them with you, my dear readers! 

So all you need is your prescription. I've had 2 pairs of glasses from them now, and both have been perfect, vision-wise. The latest pair I bought have transitions photochromatic lenses in them, and they are amazing!

All the ordering is done online at , you just browse and pick out what you want, order online and they take care of the rest! You can get single vision and multifocal glasses, contact lenses for whatever eye problem you have (even Astygmatism!), even prescription coloured lenses! They've got the lot!

Also, if you go look at their facebook page, they often have deals where you can get your first pair of rims for free and just pay for the lenses (and we're talking $10-$30 for single vision lenses, dependent on the coatings you want*). You can find them at

The best part is, because I'm very wary of buying anything online, especially things that need to be absolutely perfect, like vision-correcting aids, I'm absolutely thrilled about their 366 day returns policy. Basically, they aren't happy until you are. And they always pay return shipping, no matter what. They even send the glasses in a hard protective case, along with a little care kit including a cleaning cloth, cleaning spray and a keychain mini-screwdriver.

I'm super impressed with them, and recommend you try them out for yourself!

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