Monday, 23 September 2013


I'm not gonna lie. I'm disappointed in this month's Violet Box. Considering this is the most expensive of the monthly beauty subscription boxes at $22.95, I expect more from it. This month, it was a real let-down.

There is $42 of value in the box, so I did technically get more than my money's worth, but it feels like a box full of fillers. There's no standout product in a box that is usually full of standout products. Stay tuned over the next month and see if they pick up their game, or if Violet Box ran out of steam in their first 3 boxes.

Watch my unboxing video below for more details about exactly what's in here, as well as a massive WTF moment when advertising material from an unrelated brand had me totally confused.


  1. I wasn't impressed with the contents of my box either, I've unsubscribed now. I do like the shade of nail polish you received, mine is a Hot PInk colour.

    Jac x0x

  2. Oh, I love that Sinful polish shade! I got a red!

    I think this is a good box, it's just a shame that it followed last month's box, which was awesome! Admittedly, I think that's just because I'd been wanting to try Jelly Pong Pong for ages so that made last month's box a major win for me. :)

  3. Great video. I unsubbed from Violet Box last month, and BB and LHI ealier this year with no regrets. This month it appears that none of the boxes are that great (in my opinion). Instead I subbed to the Lip Factory ($US32) which generally has been good. I still feel compelled to read the comments on the Australian boxes though :-)