Friday, 13 September 2013

REVIEW: Sukin Organics

As you all know, I recently traveled half way around the world to where it was summertime, ]and as it was winter here at home, my skin was unprepared for the heat.
You can see in the photo, our happy smiles and the city of Austin, Texas in the background. It was a wonderful evening, and I don't think I've ever been quite so content in all my life.

When we got home from our evening at the symphony, I decided I needed a bit of relaxing skin care, so I rummaged through my case and found the goodies I had brought with me from Sukin Organics.

Over the course of the next few days, these products kept me hydrated and blemish-free with the different water and harsh sunshine. I was so glad to have taken them with me.

First up, the foaming facial cleanser absolutely smells divine! Most of Sukin's products have amazing botanical scents, but this one in particular is a favourite of mine. It gives a nice amount of lather, and you only have to use a tiny bit to wash your whole face. It removes makeup and clears pores without stripping away moisture from the skin, and did I mention it has an amazing fragrance, which it leaves on your skin?

Next, their facial moisturizer, which has a slightly different scent to the cleanser, but is also really nice. It goes on very nicely, making my skin feel moisturized, but not smothered. I have a sample of an extremely expensive moisturizer, and I would much rather use my Sukin one every day, because it feels so nice on. The fact that these products are affordable, and botanically sourced, kind to the environment and everyone within it, and Australian made and owned, is the icing on the cake of awesome products for me. I really love it when a product has everything going for it.

Last of all, a product which came in very handy while I was away. We got sunburned, and we were in chlorinated pools a lot, and we went out hiking and all sorts, and my boyfriend suffers with back spasms, so I was really pleased to have Sukin's wellbeing body oil on hand. It has a handy pump top and warms very quickly in your hands. Once again, it has that amazing fragrance, and my man was very happy to have his back rubbed and just relax and take in the scent of the oil. It worked wonders for my burned, dried out shoulders, too. It's a must-have product for me now, which I'll always make sure I have in the house.

All in all, I thoroughly recommend the Sukin Organics range. I know I've recommended their rosehip oil to you guys in the past, and these products live up to my expectations of Sukin products completely.

Fair and full disclosure: Sukin Organics sent me the above products free of charge for my consideration. I was under no obligation to review them. I always endeavour to bring you open, honest reviews of products that I have genuinely tried and enjoyed.

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