Sunday, 1 September 2013


I really hope you all liked my review of the John Frieda Precision Foam hair colour as much as I enjoyed reviewing it.

I wanted to give you guys a chance to try it out for yourselves, and see just how awesome it is, and as part of my blog birthday celebrations, I have 5 of these awesome colours in brand new shades to give away!

The competition will be open internationally, and run through rafflecopter. All winners will be announced on the blog and on my YouTube channel on the 1st of October, 2013, and NOT BEFORE. There have been several scams running, especially on YouTube, where people are sent messages from fake accounts claiming to be people running giveaways, saying that they have closed it early and you are the winner, they just need your details. Please do not respond to anything that comes from any YouTube account. I will be contacting you via the email address that you use when you enter on rafflecopter, and the email will come from my official address ( Because I am currently on vacation in Texas, the video announcing this giveaway will be delayed until I get home in a few days, so you guys will get the opportunity to enter first! Comments will be disabled on that video, as that's how the scammers are accessing peoples' usernames there.

So, to enter, just click on the rafflecopter widget that corresponds with your choice of colour, and you'll be taken to the entry page! Good luck everyone!

Colour 10A - Extra Light Ash Blonde

Colour 5C - Medium Copper Brown

Colour 4R - Dark Red Brown

Colour 2A - Luminous Blue Black

Colour 5A - Medium Ash Brown

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  1. I won three colors! I'll give the blonde to my blonde friend. I tried going blonde once, man the upkeep! It was pretty fun though. It's true what they say about blondes having more fun.