Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Get the look! Liptember is here!

I'm back from Texas feeling refreshed and ready to get on with the business of September. There are a few things going on, but today I wanted to tell you guys some more about Liptember and show you a look I've put together using my Liptember lippie.

I decided to go a bit "full glitz" with this one, and I'll make sure I do a more everyday look later in the month for you. I've used lots of purple, because I have green eyes and purple is one of those colours that just makes my eyes pop.

So here it is, my full glitz/night time makeup look using my Liptember Pink lipstick, the lipstick I'll be wearing all this month to raise funds for womens' mental health. Don't forget to check back on Sunday or Monday to see me wearing my Liptember Pink lipstick whilst running Tough Mudder!

I posted a few weeks ago when I first signed up for Liptember, but I can't stress enough how important this cause is to me. So many women out there are coping with some kind of mental illness, and there really needs to be more research and more resources for us. I'm so happy that the Liptember organization are out there raising funds for such an important cause.

They have partnered with some really awesome brands, and you can even win yourself some prizes just by getting involved in their challenges of facebook and instagram. Check them out at www.liptember.com.au
Their facebook is www.facebook.com/liptember
Follow them on Instagram @liptember

If you want to sponsor me personally, please go check out my donations page at www.liptember.com.au/katy.lylak

You can pick up your own Liptember lippies in 4 different colours, plus super bright challenge colours from Chemist Warehouse, My Chemist and My Beauty Spot all throughout September.

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