Monday, 8 April 2013

Eye of the tiger: Nails with a little extra..grrr...

I know it's been a really long time since I have done a nails post, and I tried doing the natural nails thing for a while, but this weekend, I went to a wedding and I wanted to look my best, so I got my acrylics re-done and I feel like myself again!

For the wedding, I wore a black dress with some ruffles and draping detail, so I wanted to keep the nails quite simple, but at the same time, add just a little pizzazz to them, so I decided on a nude base with tiger stripes, and a swarovski crystal accent on one nail.

I can't remember where I got my swarozski nail art crystals from. I know that you can pick up something similar in most stores that sell nail polish, and most definitely online. EBay have some really great options.
I started with my favourite nude polish, Glints of Glinda, from OPI's Oz the great and powerful collection. Two coats is enough for an opaque base, and I let that dry completely before going in with my nail striper to create the tiger stripes.

I've done a tutorial on my youtube channel about how to make the tiger stripes, so go check that one out (tigger nail art tutoral).

Last of all, on the ring finger nail, which I covered entirely in the stripes, I placed a swarovski crystal accent, attaching it with a tiny bit of clear polish. Once the stripes were completely dry, I coated everything with clear polish, working from side to side so as not to streak the stripes the wrong way up the nail.

And that's it, it's a really simple look, with lots of personality. Try it out for yourself!

You can look forward to lots more nail tutorials and look-books now that I have my beloved acrylics back. They are costly to maintain, and they are so damaging to the natural nail underneath, but I do love them, and I feel like it's a worthwhile investment.

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