Thursday, 18 April 2013

Makeup Storage Solutions#1: Storage drawers from Officeworks!

 I was watching some of my YouTube favourites the other day, and Ainsley (@TheAinsleeyx on YouTube) had bought herself an awesome set of drawers to keep her makeup in. She was showing how she stores her makeup, and these really caught my eye. It was even better that she told us (her viewers) where she got them and how much they cost her, and I got my bum straight down to Officeworks for a set for myself!

I'll start with the price. At $38.85 for the 10-drawer version that I got, this is an absolute steal! You can get them in rainbow colours or black, grey and white, and I think there was a clear drawer version too.

I comes flat packed, but it's super simple to set up. I literally assembled the entire thing in less than 10 minutes and had it in my room ready to go.

The only thing I did add, for a bit more organized storage, was some little stationery organisers (for pens, etc) which look like cutlery dividers (which you could also use, I just wasn't sure of the size) that cost me $3 each at a little cheap store near home.

The drawers are all plastic, and I don't think they'd stand up to being roughly handled a lot, but really, I'm using them as makeup storage, so they aren't going to be roughly handled. Everything inside them is quite delicate.

At the top, there is a metal plate (table, type thingy)where I keep my brush, and some hair ties, and my coffee cup (haha!) and it's a great surface for sitting a mirror on to actually apply your makeup, so it kind of doubles as a little vanity table.

This style also comes in a 6 drawer version for $32, which I'm going to buy next week for my skin and hair care products (so that I can have lovely clear shelves with beautiful things on them, not half-used bottles of goo). The 6 drawer version will fit perfectly into a little space I have in my bathroom.

For $59, you can get a 12 drawer version, which is shorter, but twice as wide. That would be awesome to have, too.

I'd have these things all over my house if I didn't have kids to go lurking in the drawers, pulling out whatever interests them.

With that said, though, I may buy them a 6 drawer one for their art supplies.

Because they are on wheels, these would make a great investment for makeup artists working from home, or even as salon trolleys. They really are versatile.

How do you store your makeup?

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  1. In my wardrobe I have a drawer that I keep all my face products in (foundation, eyeshadow, lippy) and then in my chest of drawers I have a drawer where I keep my nail polish. The drawer pulls completely out so its nice and easy to grab stuff. I love seeing posts like this, thanks for sharing! I love the idea of using these for art supplies, my dog ate some of my scrapbooking paper when there was thunder :/