Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Lust Have it February 2013

 I'm a little bit late to the party with this one, because my box arrived so late in the months, and I was off taking my week of relaxation.

Nevertheless, here is my Lust Have It box for February, 2013.

I do hope to do more unboxing videos for you guys, but at the moment, my studio is sharing space with my workout equipment, so it's a bit of an ordeal to move everything.

Anyway, just a brief rundown of what i got in my box and what I thought of it this time.

1. Lon Vitalite crystal whitening and moisturising hand mask (pair) - full size product. I really liked this. I'll do a review for you on Thursday so that you can see more about them.

2. Camoflage Colour nail polish - full size product. This is a great little nail polish, and it's in a colour I don't actually have (and came in handy because it's the perfect "cookie" shade for my cookie monster pedicure). The one drawback with this posich is that it STINKS.The smell of it is really rank. I think it's because they use as many natural products as possible, and the kinds of natural products that would make good nail polish are stinky plants and animal byproducts.

3. Kevin Murphy Born Again Hair Treatment - sachet sample. I lovelovelove Kevin Murphy hair products. As a mum of 2 little boys, I can't really justify the price of it to myself, but when I get a nice little sample in my beauty box, it's a very welcome treat. The product is beautiful, and really picked my hair back up after the sweaty beating it's been getting with my workouts. The only problem with the sample was the size of it. If someone with longer or thicker hair than my babyfine shoulder length mop got this sample, it wouldn't have gone very far. It was barely enough for me.

4. Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara - sample size. I actually really like this little sample. I don't use mascara very often, as I try to stay makeup free as often as possible for good skin health, so the little sample means I'll get through my 3 months of recommended time to use mascara and not feel guilty about throwing away half a tube of product. The product itself is absolutely gorgeous. It has a special shaped brush which gives you an automatically lined look to your lashes, negating the need for eyeliner if you're playing it casual. A big time saver. It lifts, separates, elongates and volumises the lashes for a lovely full look. This is definitely worth a look.

5. Summer Tan dark self action tan - full size product. We all know how I feel about self-tanners, so I immediately handballed this off to my little guy's godmother, who is 19. I'm sure she'll let me know what she thought of it when I see her next.

So that's it. Lots of full sized products and a hefty value tag, I'm very happy with my $15 well spent.

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