Monday, 18 March 2013

I think I might have a problem....lip product excess!

 I posted a little while ago, a post about "goo hoarding". This week, I took a look in my lip products box (I have my makeup organized into 5 litre tubs, by product type), and it struck me that I may have a hoarding problem.
The picture above is the inside of my lip products box. Not even organized, just all thrown in there.

 First up, here they are, all organized and neat so that you can see what I have.

This first picture is lip care products (lip balms, etc), lip pencils, and plumping products, as well as a couple of sample sized Benefit tints.

Next up are my lipsticks. I don't have a lot of them, because I'm not really a lipstick kinda gal. If I had to choose a favourite, I'd go with the Modelco matte red one (second from left in the bottom row) because it's gorgeous and everything-proof!

Last of all, my lipglosses. So many of them that I need two pictures to show you!

As you can see, I really love my pink shades. For special occasions, I like a plum, and for everyday, I prefer nude-type shades.

My current favourites are the Benefit "life on the A list" salmon-y colour, and my new Yes to Carrots C-me-shine nude colour, as well as the Illamasqua one in Belladonna.

 In this last picture are my MAC glosses. Some are the real deal, some are knock-offs. I honestly can't tell the difference in the actual product itself.

Also there are some other brands here, the Max Factor sparkly one is super cute, the Bloom one is a lovely shade, and the Silk Oil of Morocco one is fantastic, and I love the colour, but it's more of a liquid lipstick than a gloss, and it wears off strangely, leaving a line of very light pink on your inner lip which just looks weird. It does smell amazing, though.

So...what do you think? Am I a hoarder? Is it time to do a cull of some of these products?None of them are particularly old, I just have so many of them, and i can't seem to stop acquiring more and more!

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