Sunday, 10 March 2013

Blog stats, changing things up a little bit.

Hey guys,

I was looking over my stats today, and it seems I'm getting as many hits in the USA as I am here in Australia. It strikes me that I should really be giving the USA product information, where to get things, etc.

So from this week, if I do a product review, I'll be including price comparisons and distributor information for readers in the USA as well as my homeland of Oz.

I guess it helps that I'll be in the states in August, and will definitely be picking up some things that aren't currently available in Australia for my use and review on the blog. I'll also be waiting until I can hit a Sephora store to pick up things like the Lancome mascara that I'm reviewing this coming week, as it has a price tag of $52RRP here in Australia, and is only $28 RRP in the states! That's not a rare occurrence, so I'm sure I'll need a whole bunch of spending money. My poor boyfriend will just have to drop me off and go do man stuff for a couple of hours while I shop!

While I'm just blogging about my everyday stuff, I'll update you on my workout schedule and my weight goals, etc.

I've been working out at least a little bit almost every day for two weeks now. I'm already seeing a difference in the shape of my body, and I'm very pleased with my fitness progress. Today we even did walk, jog, sprint training things that I really would not have been able to do 2 weeks ago, and I did them 3 times! See the pic above for a bit of a progress pic. It's not a huge difference, but we are only talking about 2 weeks here, can't expect too much.
I'm stepping up my clean eating plan this week, so I expect to see more of a difference on the scales. The amount of strength training and weight lifting I've been doing has seen my weight drop by only 2kg in the 2 weeks, but the muscle mass that I'm building weighs a lot more than the fat that I'm dropping, so I don't see it as a demotivational thing.

The main, and most exciting, thing about it all is how good I feel. Most days I get a bit sore and stiff and sometimes I get hungry or crave sweet things, but I'm mostly being guided by my body about what I need. If I'm hungry, I eat. I try to keep the sweets to a minimum (I've had chocolate once in 2 weeks!) and I've cut liquids other than water and the occasional sugar free gatorade (only with intense training sessions) out completely. I don't keep soda, chocolate, cookies, chips, or any other tempting snackfoods in the house any more, and I make sure the fridge is always well stocked with fruit and vegetables so that any time I'm hungry, there it is, all right there in front of me. I'm also drinking optifast (they used to be only available by prescription, but they are on the shelf now) shakes for breakfast every day, and lunch as well on workout resting days.

I've switched all of my white carbs for wholegrain, and I've cut out potatoes. Obviously, the kids are still having everything they need for their growing bodies, I just make my vege portion bigger and cut out the mashed spuds or pasta or whatever they are having. I eat vegetarian once a week, and I eat lean red meats at least 4 times a week, the rest of the days are chicken, as I don't eat fish. I know it seems like I've made pretty radical changes, and I guess as far as my body is concerned (for the first week, my entire body was in a bit of shock, like WTH is going on???) the change is quite huge, but the main thing that's kept me on track is keeping my motivation up. I have lots of ways to do that, and even on days when I thought I couldn't possibly work any harder, I've managed to keep going and get the work done that needed to be done for that day.

OK, so that's a big update on where I'm at. If you're in the USA and you're happy about my blog changes, let me know in the comments below. If you're on a weight loss or fitness journey, give me a high five in the comments too!

Have a great week.


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