Friday, 22 March 2013

Katy Perry Peacock inspired eye makeup.

You guys know I've been working out a lot lately, and I've just figured out my technology enough to run my tracker app and my music on the phone at the same time! So I love nothing better than to pop in my headphones and pound the pavement to a selection of songs with a tempo >120bpm.

One such song (with a very cheeky, naughty lyrical line) is Katy Perry's "Peacock", and it's been in high rotation on my playlist because I particularly enjoy it.

How better to express my appreciation for Katy's hit song than to pay tribute to it with a makeup look?

 I started with Urban Decay Primer Potion in Greed, and a chunky eyeshadow crayon in a pearly pink colour and covered my lid entirely, leaving it a little thicker up under the brow for a highlight.

Then I went in with an emerald green with sparkles to the middle third of the lid, pushing the colour up and across above the brow bone to the outer corner of my eye.

My inner corner is a matte mint green colour, which I used in the inner corner, just under the eye in the inner third, and blended out between the highlight under my brow and the emerald green.

Last of all, a lovely sapphire blue colour swept across the outer V into the lid, up from the lashline to create a feathery look.

I used teal and blue pencil liners on my waterline, and black liquid liner (my trusty Australis curve ink liner) on the lid.

Last of all, a generous helping of mascara and Ibiza lashes from Hedkandi by Eylure, and I was all done!

What do you think? What events do you have coming up where this might be a good look?


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