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Review: Eylure Individual Lashes

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 I meant to post this during the week, with a video tutorial for you guys, but I'm having some issues with my video editing software, so that's still in the works for now. I did want to answer all of the questions that you asked on Facebook about the lashes, though, so here's my review and a step-by-step how-to for Eylure Individual Lashes.

First, a little bit of product info, so that you know how these lashes  are intended to be used.

Individual Lashes are a semi-permanent alternative to salon eyelash extensions, which you can buy locally at a great price, and apply yourself at home. They are applied using a glue that holds them in place until your natural lashes are shed, which can be anywhere up to four weeks, but may be as soon as the following day after application. It all depends on the natural cycle of your lashes. If you find that you drop one or two fairly quickly, you can always apply new ones to just the bare spots.

All of the pictures here are of my first ever try at applying the lashes. In general, I usually have trouble applying false lashes and getting them to stay put, so I was sceptical about these ones, but I think they turned out really great!

Step one: Prepare your natural lashes.
Cleanse your face using an oil free cleanser and pay extra special attention to your eye area, whilst still being gentle with the delicate skin there. Dry your face, making sue your lashes are also dry.

Step two: Apply adhesive to the lash.
Using tweezers, hold the lash and apply glue from the provided vial to the end where the lashes are joined together. The instructions say to use a piece of tinfoil for the glue, but i found it more economical to apply directly from the wand inside the glue vial to the lash itself, as the glue can dry out fairly quickly on the foil and you end up with waste.

Step three: Apply the lash to your eye.
Give the glue a second to dry a tiny bit, then using your tweezers, place the lash where you want it. The trick is to adhere the false lash to the natural lashes, as close to the root as possible without touching the skin on your eyelid. We want to apply the false lashes to the actual lash, not to the eyelid. Start from the inside with the short lashes, and work outwards applying 2-3 of each lash length until your desired fullness is achieved. You can use your tweezers to gently push the lash closer to the root of your natural lashline, or to "brush" the lash into the direction you'd like them to point.

Step four: Removal.
If you decide you've had enough of your lashes, you can remove them, but you should NEVER just pull them off. You're going to pull out your natural lashes and cause yourself pain if you do that. Using the oil-based remover found inside the lash box, gently rub the remover with a Q-tip along the glue line until the lashes begin to fall off. If they are stubborn, simply use more remover product.

It's as simple as that. My boyfriend described the lashes the other night as "pretty killer", so I'm taking that feedback and contributing it to the double thumbs-up that I'm giving these lashes.

They are available in Black and Brown (for all you redheads out there, or girls who require a softer look), from Priceline and Big W at $14.99. In the USA, they are available at CVS, HEB, walgreens, Urban Outfitters, K mart and many other stockists.

On to your facebook questions about them:

Katie S: Are you sure they're easy? I'm fairly beauty challenged!! Lol
They are amazingly easy! I applied them really beautifully on my first go, and I'm a real lash noob!

Megan B:
Q: Do they require the eye-stingingly (yes, that IS a word) fumey glue that they use in-salon for 
They require a different glue to normal single-use lashes, but I didn't find the smell to be offensive, nor did it sting my eyes.

And as above, how fiddly were they? I can imagine myself with ending up with hairy fingertips and about 3 lashes successfully planted on my eyelid! 
As long as you use tweezers, it's nice and easy. No fiddling required

Megan E: Do they come in a kit or do you have to buy the glue/adhesive separate? Cuz knowing me I'd get the lashes and leave without getting anything else I'd need
Everything you need to actually apply and remove the lashes is included in the box. The only things you'll need to have at home are a pair of tweezers and Q-tips.

RebeccaCan u get them in a range of colors? Just coz we all know Im a lil "out there".
Stay tuned for a brand new release in their Katy Perry range very soon. Right now, it's black or brown.

Megan E: when you say you can sleep/wash etc with them on, how long will they stay on for (approx)
Anywhere up to  month, but it depends on your natural lash cycle. If you start to lose some, you can just reapply. There are enough lashes in the pack to do a couple of full sets easily.

Full disclosure: The awesome people at Eylure sent these lashes to me for my consideration. I am under no obligation to review them. As always, my opinions are my own, and I endeavour to bring you honest and accurate reviews of products I've genuinely used and enjoyed.


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