Monday, 6 May 2013

Cult brand: Illamasqua

A relative new kid on the block is making a huge splash in the UK, and now in Australia, Illamasqua (Ill-a-mass-kah) are taking over the beauty industry with their amazing, bold, breathtaking colour products and innovative styling.

Illamasqua have cornered the market in really extreme coloured products, whilst remaining true to more mainstream colour and classic beauty.

They are a more high-end brand, but the quality of their products is amazing. I actually have the lipgloss that the model is wearing in this photo, from their Theatre of the nameless collection, Intense lipgloss in Belladonna, and I love the way it looks and feels on my lips. It's super-high -shine, amazing colour payoff, and smooth to the touch.

Their various collections showcase some awesome makeup artistry and product design work, and I really think this brand is well on their way to rivalling any of the other high end brands out there. Look out, MAC, Illamasqua is on the map now. As soon as they break the USA, they will be unstoppable.

Their packaging is simple, black and very sleek-looking. I love their eyeshadow quad palettes and their pure pigments, all of which are super-pigmented with great colour payoff.

Their foundations range from the very lightest (white) to the very darkest skin tones I have seen, with a huge range in between.

Definitely check out Illamasqua when you get a chance. Their stores are located inside major Myer stores in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. If you book a beauty transformation with them, you get a 45 minute session with their makeup artists, trying out products and having a makeover, which costs $50, but you then get product credit for $50 too, so you basically get the makeover for free when you buy $50 of product!

Check out some more of their amazing photos below:


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