Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Trendsday: Textured nail polish.

Last week, I showed you a sneak peek of OPI's new Great and Powerful Oz collection, and I touched on the awesomeness of their new Liquid Sand technology, which essentially leaves a texture on your nails like very fine sandpaper, with a matte finish.

As you can see in this first picture, the Liquid Sand polishes also have a kind of shimmer to them, making them truly unique and really awesome to look at.

These two colours are "Can't let go" and "Get your number" from the Mariah Carey collection that was recently released. They have chunks of glitter in them (of course!) and the Liquid Sand matte finish. I'm kind of in love with these Liquid Sand polishes. There isn't a bad shade, and there are lots to choose from, so you'll find a colour to match any outfit or occasion.

The next colour I've shown here is actually not done justice by the picture. The polish is an almost-sheer black with red glitter, and of course that awesome Liquid Sand matte finish. This polish is going to feature in my birthday OOTD video on Friday night (Which I'll post on Saturday for you guys), because it's the perfect accessory to my gorgeous black ruffle tunic from City Chic (which I'll be wearing as a gorgeous dress, all dressed up with some sexy shoes, it's perfect for summer special occasions!).

This is another colour from the Mariah Carey collection, called "Stay the night".

Last of all, we have the gorgeous bronzey-gold Liquid Sand polish from the Great and Powerful Oz collection called "What wizardry is this?". I've teamed it up for a funky geometric look with the nude from the same collection, called "Glints of Glinda".

I actually think this is my favourite "everyday wear" colour in their Liquid Sand polishes. It's got a shimmer, rather than a glitter, and it is just a really great allrounder colour, it goes with any outfit, so you can wear it all week to work before you let your hair down with one of the glitzier colours on the weekend. Definitely my pick of the bunch.

The last thing I want to tell you about this polish is that, unlike other glitter polishes, it's really easy to remove! I know a lot of you steer clear of glitters because they are so notoriously difficult to remove, but you need not be scared of this one.

So... what do you think of OPI's LiquidSand polishes? You can get some for yourself from leading salons and David Jones nationwide.

Full disclosure: The awesome people at OPI sent me these polishes to try out, but of course my opinions are always my own, and I was not paid for this review.

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