Saturday, 2 November 2013


I've been meaning to do this tag for ages, and I have struggled coming up with 50 things that I think might be interesting about me, but here goes:

50 random facts about Katy

1. I was born, and lived until I was 6, in the South-West of England.
2. My greatest fears are heights and open water.
3. I am an Atheist.
4. I have two sons, Max (3) and Josh (9).
5. I am (almost) divorced, and have been a single mum for 3 years.
6. I have a wonderful boyfriend, who is my biggest cheerleader, though he swears he'll never wear the outfit.
7. My relationship is very long distance. I'm in Melbourne, Australia, and he is in Austin, Texas.
8. I have suffered with anxiety for as long as I can remember.
9. I love to read, and often get completely lost in a book.
10. I am also very interested in writing, and I am currently involved with NaNoWriMo.
11. I can play any brass instrument with valves (but prefer to play trumper/cornet and Tenor horn or Flugelhorn.)
12. I was born with a heart condition called SupraVentricular Tachycardia.
13. I had surgery to fix my heart problem in 2005, and have been symptom-free ever since.
14. I had chicken pox when I was 19 and it was horrendous.
15. I dropped out of school halfway through year 12 and joined the Navy.
16. My Navy career lasted 17 days, and I was discharged after panic attacks led me to request a dismissal.
17. I have one brother, who is 10 months younger than me.
18. I have travelled around the world several times and visited many countries, but only this year got my first passport. (In the "olden days", children travelled on their parents' passports.)
19. I love to knit, but rarely have the patience to finish a project.
20. I have 9 tattoos, but keep them mostly hidden by my clothing.
21. I have 4 scars caused by piercings (not including my ears).
22. I have a scar on the outer corner of one eye, which makes the eyelid droop. My eyes are never equally open.
23. My family are all involved in furniture manufacturing, and we have a small company that's been around for 14 years.
24. I hate excessive heat, and prefer to be snuggled up in a blanket on a cold night.
25. I love to swim.
26. I don't generally tend to have a "favourite" anything. No favourite band, no favourite colour. Lots of things that I really like, but not one of anything that stands out for me.
27. I'm allergic to penicillin and capsicum.
28. I love spicy foods.
29. I hate olives.
30. Between leaving the Navy and becoming involved with the family business, I was an apprentice chef.
31. I love to cook, and I'm glad it didn't become my job for life.
32. I'm very creative, and seem to do well at most crafty things.
33. Photography is a great passion of mine.
34. When I'm working, I like to listen to classical music, mostly strings.
35. I love to get out and walk, and prior to breaking my ankle 2 months ago, I had walked 250km in 6 months.
36. All of my extended family, beyond my brother and my parents, live overseas.
37. My feet are size 8.5 (aus/9.5US)
38. I love glittery, sparkly things, but I feel like they are too gauche to wear.
39. See 38, but switch sparkly/glittery for neon.
40. I love to dress up in costumes, when the occasion calls for it.
41. I was a Navy cadet for 4 years, and attained the rank of Petty Officer.
42. As a cadet, I was Drum Major, Lead side drum, and Bass drummer, all in one year.
43. I earned a marksman's rate as a cadet for rifle shooting at HMAS Cerberus.
44. I hate cats.
45. I have very little patience for anything. I get that from my father.
46. I am a total spelling and grammar Nazi.
47. I enjoy pretty much any kind of music, with the exception of very loud, "noise" music, which affects fact #48.
48. I become very agitated if there are a lot of conflicting sounds going on (eg. more than one person talking to me at once, or a loud television in the background when someone is talking to me.)
49. I love trying new things, and rarely have a staple product that I'll use for years on end.
50. I love blogging, and appreciate my readers more than I can say. The fact that anyone is interested in reading what I write is very strange to me.

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