Wednesday, 6 November 2013


 This week, I tried out a product from Gatineau's Aquamemory range. Particularly at this time of year, as the temperature rises, we tend to lose hydration in our skin very quickly. Gatineau's Osmaporine technology helps to quickly restore that hydration and delay the signs of ageing significantly.

The picture on the left here was taken first thing in the morning, after I used Gatineau's Moisture Replenish Mask, which they sent me to try out. I can honestly say that this is the clearest and smoothest my skin has been...ever.

 The mask is fairly translucent, and applies to the skin like a gel. You can expect a little tingling, and it feels quite cool on the skin.

I like to apply a mask, leave it on while I watch an episode of one of the TV shows that I like to watch (around 20 minutes) and then rinse off.

After rinsing, I was left with some reddish patches, as you can see in the bottom picture here, but you can already see that my skin is much smoother. (This picture has not been retouched or had filters applied)

The redness took approximately an hour to go away completely, and I was left with beautiful, soft skin.

I've now added this mask to my regular routine and will continue to use it.

It's a little on the high end of the price tag line, but I think at $65, you really are getting what you've paid for with this product.

You can get your hands on Gatineau's Aquamemory collection at, or contact their toll free line on 1800 037 076 for your nearest stockist.

Other products in the Aquamemory line include Moisture Replenish Eye Roll-On, Moisture Replenish Concentrate, and Moisture Replenish Cream, all of which incorporate Gatineau's Osmaporine technology, which uses the process of Osmosis to transfer vital moisture to the upper epidermal layers. I love a good bit of science, so here's an awesome video to help explain Osmosis to the unfamiliar (in this case, "permeable membrane" is skin):

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