Saturday, 3 September 2016


I thought I'd better explain why I haven't been making YouTube videos, since I've been inactive for so long.

It's actually 2 things, and one is more infuriating than the other.

I'm signed to a MCN called Boom, and in the beginning they were great. I heard from them regularly, I had people taking care of me and my channel(s), and I was regularly receiving notifications of my earnings.
As of today, September 3, 2016, I haven't heard from them in over 1 year, though they're still taking 40% of my earnings. I'm over it, and it's whatever. I need to contact them, get myself unlinked and paid the earnings that they've held onto for a year or more.

The second, and more infuriating reason, is that my most popular (11K+ views) video was removed from YouTube due to "violations of community guidelines". I went through all of the guidelines. I reviewed my video 4 times. I couldn't see anything immediately wrong with it, so I appealed. My appeal was denied, and I was told the video "was removed due to violation of community guidelines". That's all the information I received. I still don't know exactly what in the video went against the CG.

Sooooo I'm just done with YouTube and networks, and I'm just going to blog here (yes, I understand the irony of quitting YouTube but continuing with a Google-owned blog) about things I wanna blog about. I won't be appealing to PR companies for complimentary products to try (like most beauty bloggers do, because there is SO much swag to be had) because I don't want to write content on the basis of "so and so sent me this thing so I -have- to write about it". Not that my opinions haven't been honest in the past, it's just that I might not have written about certain things at all if it had been left to me to go out and find the products, try them, etc. I just want my blog to be about things that I truly have an absolute interest in.

Welcome to the improved KBS. Open communication and absolute honesty feels good.


Thursday, 1 September 2016


When I decided to re-subscribe to Bellabox, I figured it was about time I started blogging again. It's been pretty much exactly a year between posts, and there are reasons, the biggest of which have been YouTube and network related (I'll go into that another day).

I know you're all dying to see what's in this month's Bellabox, so I'll dive right in.

I love the blue box packaging. These things are so cute and a great way to store little things (I keep lashes in some, and other assorted cute things in others).

Inside, under the black tissue paper, I found 3 full sized products and several smaller samples, which I'm super excited about.

First, the ever-amazing Nivea cream tin. I instantly recognised the scent of the cream and was taken back to my childhood. The rich, thick cream is so lovely on the skin and it's going to come in super handy while I'm healing a brand new tattoo.

Next is a KBC favourite. Lush are my very favourite store to buy bath and body products in, and it always smells so freaking amazing in the stores. This product is no exception. It's a chocolate and orange scented shower cream, which I can't wait to use.

Next, the Avene samples. I was supposed to get extreme cream and cleansing lotion, but I actually got 2 of the cleansing lotion. I've tried their stuff before and it's always nice, but on the higher end of the price range.

Alpha Keri body slimfit samples, to firm and tone body skin. One of these products also claims to reduce body fat. As someone on a weight loss journey right now (15kg gone!), I am extremely skeptical of any product which claims to do what I've found can only be achieved with hard work and sacrifice.

I also got a Hello Fresh $50 voucher ($25 off each of your first 2 boxes). I'm not really into these kinds of things, but the voucher is of value and I'm sure many people will get some use out of it.

 Last of all, is this. Em concealer was the product that everyone wanted to see, and everyone gets one in their box this month. Mine is in the shade "The Neutralizer"...and I'll leave it up to you to decide whether you think it's an accurate name.

I personally think that the name should have been "OMFG it's orange."

Taking the shade out of the equation, the consistency is quite good. A tiny bit goes a long way, and it provides full coverage. I'm a bit sad that I won't get to use this regularly, but I will try it out to get an idea of how it performs and maybe review it for you guys soon.

So...that's my bellabox for August. What did you guys get in yours?

Em concealer $17.00 (9ml) - use code BELLABOX40 to get 40% off the entire range at the Em cosmetics online store.
Avene extreme cream and cleansing lotion $58.95 each (50ml) Chemist warehouse and Priceline
Nivea cream $7.88 (150ml) available everywhere
Lush bath products (av $11.75)