Monday, 31 March 2014


Uh oh! Looks like my makeup was done by a 3 year old!

Luckily, that actually is the case!

This week, here's a fun video for you guys to watch and have a giggle about.

Check it out here:

Wednesday, 26 March 2014


This week's pamper Wednesday is a bit themed towards Lush products, because I went shopping and got a bunch of treats for my bath.

I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Another haul for you!

I went over to Daiso in Box Hill on Saturday, so I wanted to show you guys what I got!

For the record, I tried the foot mask last night (and posted a pic on Instagram!) and it has left my feet really soft and smooth!

Check out the video to see everything I picked up at my favourite weird store where everything is $2.80!

Sunday, 23 March 2014


Here's a thrift shop haul, because when I posted about it the other day, you guys wanted it!

Let me know if this kind of thing is something you'd like to see more of, or even kids' clothing hauls...? I seem to buy a lot more for them than I do for myself, and I'm always looking for a bargain.

I'll get some photos of these pieces as I wear them, and post them for you guys, so that you can get a better idea of what they look like.

Check out the video for what I got!


Saturday, 22 March 2014


This week, women all across the UK have been taking bare-faced selfies and donating 3 pounds via their phone provider to breast cancer research.

They've raised over 2 million pounds for the cause, which is bloody amazing. This is the power of viral marketing. And they all look beautiful without their makeup on.

With that all said, I've seen women from my country (Australia) doing it too. Posting the selfie and nominating others... and SOME of them have mentioned breast cancer, but mostly it's just for the game of it, and really, we all know that breast cancer exists, so posting "yay selfie because breast cancer" doesn't do squat for awareness.

Fear not, dear readers, this isn't just a bitch session post. I want to do something about it.

I don't have the means to begin a national fundraiser, but I do have about 5,000 of you every month checking out my blog, and that could make for the beginnings of our very own viral awareness campaign...if we all do it and share the reasons why.

Here's what I want you to do:

We're going to raise awareness for breast cancer, so I want the posts to be informative. Most women forget to check out their boobs as often as they should, or they're embarrassed about it, or for some reason, they don't want to. Here's the big fact about breast cancer. Your best chance to avoid a death sentence is early detection. We need to be checking our breasts for changes in appearance (by looking for lumps, AND for changes in the skin, like wrinkly patches or loose skin, AND for nipple changes, such as discharge or inversion) every month. It takes 2 minutes, you can do it in the shower! The best time to do it is right after your period, because your hormones will be as even as they're going to get, and regular changes in breast tissue can occur during hormone fluctuations (a lot of women have "lumpy" boobs later in the cycle).

I don't even want you guys to link to this page or credit me, because that's not what this is about (unless you think that someone can benefit from the information here).

Just post something to the effect of "I checked my boobs today, because early detection of changes in the breast might save my life. Your life matters to me, too. Go check your boobs and repost this status, tagging the women you care about." on your twitter, your facebook, your tumblr, instagram, whatever social media you have. Then tag a bunch of friends in it.

That's it... it's that simple. Let's give it a try.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Wednesday pamper and chit chat #2


This is Sheridan Jones, a gorgeous 26 year old woman who is currently not doing so well. For the last 18 months, she's endured tests after tests, misdiagnosis, ineffective treatments for diseases she doesn't even have, and all the while, it could have been prevented if doctors had recognized her illness when she first started to show symptoms.

Sheridan has Lyme Disease, something which is virtually unheard of in Australia, but well known around the world for its debilitating symptoms if left untreated. In fact, Sheridan was originally diagnosed with MS, and as her condition rapidly deteriorated, she and her family had been preparing for a life sentence of neurological symptoms.

More recently, she was referred to a Lyme specialist in WA, who diagnosed her illness and has been working with her to control her symptoms and start her on the road to recovery. Lyme disease is transmitted by Deer ticks (hence the reason it's so rare here, we generally don't have a lot of contact with Deer), and in its earliest stages can be treated with fairly simple antibiotics. In the later stages, once neurological symptoms have begun to appear, it requires far more intensive treatment, and that's where the beauty community comes in.

100 Lymelight keepers for Sheridan has been formed by her family to help raise funds for the amazingly costly treatment that Sheridan will need to have, and because we don't have specialist treatment centers for it here in Australia, she'll likely have to go overseas to be treated and get her out of the wheelchair that has become a part of her daily life.

You can help by heading over to their facebook page and hitting the like button, sharing Sheridan's story and encouraging others to become educated about Lyme Disease. Also, there is a fund set up over there for donations towards Sheridan's treatment, if you're inclined to donate, or participate in their fundraising activities.

You can find it here:

A little side note on why this cause is close to my heart; Sheridan's Grandmother is a friend of mine and I first met Sheridan when she was about 12. It breaks my heart to think of anyone going through what she's currently living with, so I'm out to raise as much awareness as I can to help Sheridan and her family.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014


A couple of awesome brands are having giveaways rights now. Watch my video below for links to their pages for entry!  Lots of chances to win!



A while ago, we stopped doing Wednesday pamper sessions here on the blog, because I got busy and forgot, or because I couldn't think of what to pamper myself with, or I did the pamper and forgot to take pics.

Regardless of my excuses, it's definitely time to get back into the habit of spoiling ourselves once a week, so I'm going to combine the Wednesday pamper session with my chit chat videos, since I received a really positive response to the chit chat that we had last week.

Every Wednesday you'll get a new video with a reminder to pamper yourself, and a quick run down of what I'm pampering myself with, and a little life update/chit chat. My aim is to keep the videos under 10 minutes, hopefully closer to 5 minutes each.

I've also discovered a new editing technique which allows me to give you a clickable video preview instead of the old click-through picture annotations, so please let me know if you like that too.

Welcome to Wednesday chit chats! Enjoy the first video!


Tuesday, 11 March 2014


I can't help myself. When I hear those magic words, all I can think about is "how fast can I get out of the house in the morning?". Yup, those magic words... 40% off all cosmetics at Priceline.

This time I didn't go too crazy, and I was pleased to find that it really was ALL cosmetics, and the cheap brands were included too (seriously, go have a look at the new Essence collection, it's beautiful).

Check out my video to see what I got, and don't forget you can still get in on the action. It's on tomorrow too! (Wednesday 12th March, 2014)


Saturday, 1 March 2014


This week, I received an exciting box in the mail! It was my Sensationail starter kit, and I was so, so excited to try it out. I've tried gel polishes before, but I'd never been overly impressed with the way that the gel peeled (or I picked it) off within a few days.

As soon as I read the instructions included with my Sensationail kit, I understood why I'd been able to peel the gel away in the past. You aren't supposed to get the gel polish anywhere near your cuticles, as you then avoid the "fill line" that's created when your nails grow, and there isn't a ridge or lip to pick!

So... what was in my box? It's kind of amazing, actually.

I have a towel, some media info (on the card in the top RH corner), The starter kit, containing their pro 3060 LED lamp, and everything I need to get started and do a few manis, the gel removal kit, containing polish remover and nail wraps, a full size gel polish colour (as well as the one that came with the starter kit) and their cool little gel removal tool, which looks kind of like a shovel, but fits perfectly to the curve of your nail.
The lamp is really cool, and there are some long term bonuses to this. Sensationail (so I have been told) guarantee that their LED bulbs never burn out, and it's powered by socket, so no battery hassles, ever.

I am thrilled with my results, as I'll show you in the video below.

Here's how you can get involved: I'm using my Sensationail gel mani set to help me to grow my nails! You can document your Sensationail growth journey too, by following me on Instagram (@katysbeautysecrets) and using the hashtags #kbsensationail or #katynailchallenge!

Sensationail products are available at Priceline, Woolworths, Terry White Chemists and Chemmart.