Saturday, 3 September 2016


I thought I'd better explain why I haven't been making YouTube videos, since I've been inactive for so long.

It's actually 2 things, and one is more infuriating than the other.

I'm signed to a MCN called Boom, and in the beginning they were great. I heard from them regularly, I had people taking care of me and my channel(s), and I was regularly receiving notifications of my earnings.
As of today, September 3, 2016, I haven't heard from them in over 1 year, though they're still taking 40% of my earnings. I'm over it, and it's whatever. I need to contact them, get myself unlinked and paid the earnings that they've held onto for a year or more.

The second, and more infuriating reason, is that my most popular (11K+ views) video was removed from YouTube due to "violations of community guidelines". I went through all of the guidelines. I reviewed my video 4 times. I couldn't see anything immediately wrong with it, so I appealed. My appeal was denied, and I was told the video "was removed due to violation of community guidelines". That's all the information I received. I still don't know exactly what in the video went against the CG.

Sooooo I'm just done with YouTube and networks, and I'm just going to blog here (yes, I understand the irony of quitting YouTube but continuing with a Google-owned blog) about things I wanna blog about. I won't be appealing to PR companies for complimentary products to try (like most beauty bloggers do, because there is SO much swag to be had) because I don't want to write content on the basis of "so and so sent me this thing so I -have- to write about it". Not that my opinions haven't been honest in the past, it's just that I might not have written about certain things at all if it had been left to me to go out and find the products, try them, etc. I just want my blog to be about things that I truly have an absolute interest in.

Welcome to the improved KBS. Open communication and absolute honesty feels good.


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