Sunday, 30 August 2015

Real Techniques Bold Metals - New product line I'm loving!

 A couple of months ago, I put myself on a makeup brush ban. I had just washed all of my brushes and was all crazed about how long it had taken me to do them all.....

...but then Sam and Nic Chapman released a new line of makeup brushes from Real Techniques and I couldn't stick to the ban.

The bold metals collection is completely different to their normal Real Techniques line. They are much more streamlined, more like artists' paintbrushes, and the bristles are just beautiful.

 So far, I have two of the eye brushes, the eyeshadow brush, and the pointed crease brush and they are now my go-to brushes. The girl who helps me out at the place where I buy them is a makeup artist and has recommended that my next purchase be the triangle-shaped foundation brush, so she's ordered that for me, and I'm just waiting for that to come in for me.

They are definitely more expensive than the previous line, with most of the brushes retailing over $35 each, but they are well and truly comparable to high end brushes and worth every single cent.

 This is definitely a range that I'm going to collect all of, and I'm so hoping that they release more new ones soon. I'll keep you guys updated with all the Real Techniques news!

You can find these Real Techniques Bold Metals brushes at Priceline and any of the awesome places you'd usually find Real Techniques brushes. Get out there and find them. You need these in your life!
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