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Hello again, my lovelies. I know I'm a tad late to the party with this review but I really wanted to try the products out before I did the review, rather than have it be a first impressions type of thing.

Lush have released 8 new products in 2015, and they're all absolutely gorgeous, as is everything they make. Let's have a look at them individually.

 First of all, the thing I've used the most. Movis facial cleanser in a bar form was immediately an "I don't know about this" product, because it was squidgy, sticky and smelled funny. The oaty scent isn't unpleasant, it's just not what I'm used to, but I did come around after my first few goes at using this.
I was pleasantly surprised that after a couple of uses and leaving it on the dry shelf in my shower, it wasn't sticky any more, and had firmed up considerably, making it a more easy to use cleanser bar.

Here's where I came unstuck with it. It just wasn't suited to my skin. I got the usual breakouts when I first started using it, but it continued to break me out for more than a month. I think it's just a little too drying on my skin, which encouraged excess sebum production and in turn made me oily (especially on my chin). The great thing about this product if it is for you, though, is the economy. I used it for about 4 weeks and it's barely shrunk at all. I can see 100g of this lasting anywhere up to 6 months!
 The Granny takes a dip bath bomb that I received in my media pack was broken :( but I have purchased it in all its glory since then (see my Lush valentines haul video). It smells AMAZING. My 4 year old, as you guys know, is obsessed with bath bombs and this one was used up first.

It gives an awesome colourful fizz to the bath and like I said, a beautiful scent. My advice would be to use it all in one go for the best effect, as it doesn't break neatly into pieces like the other ballistics do.
 Lush have released a new charity pot, and though the picture here is of my old charity pot, it looks very much the same from the outside.

New charity pot has a fresh new scent and lighter formulation, and is wonderful for all your dry skin needs.

As always, Lush charity pot supports charities worldwide, and is always at a great price, so you can get a bargain on one of their lovely creams and help out your fellow man at the same time!
 OH EM GEE....D'fluff. This is my new holy grail item, and I immediately purchased another so that I'll always have a spare and will never run out.

This product helped me to achieve the smoothest, closest shave I've ever had. Basically, without going into detail, I shave everything from the neck down, and have had issues with razor rash, ingrown hairs, excessively dry skin after shaving, you name it, my poor legs (underarms and other parts) have dealt with it.

Not any more. The combination of D'fluff and African Paradise body conditioner (after shaving) has changed my whole shaving experience, and I'll never go back to other soaps or shaving creams now.
 Zest was the one product I wasn't super stoked about.

It's a hair gelly, which I think is supposed to be semi-solid, like the shower jellies, but mine is pretty runny.

It's a sugar based hair gel, which gives medium hold with a citrus-y scent that my boys liked. It held up ok in their hair, but I still prefer hair glues for holding their locks all day.

Lush released 2 new soaps. Mangificent, which of course is a mango-based soap, and Parsley Porridge, which is a lovely fresh parsley and oat-based soap.

So far, I'm using Mangnificent in my shower and loving it. The new formula that they are using with their soaps is beautiful, creamy and luxurious, and the low-foam aspect (which takes a little getting used to) means there's no nasty chemicals in the soap.

Loving these so far, and will update you when I use the lovely green one too.
Last, but certainly not least, a product that has converted me to the church of moisturizing in-shower.

African Paradise, with it's beautiful Shea butter base and soothing oils, smells great, moisturizes my skin the way that no normal moisturizer ever has, and conveniently, I can do it all while I'm in the shower!

You use it like a hair conditioner, all over your soap, rinse, conditioner, wait, rinse. I usually wash my face while it's on my skin and rinse the whole lot off at the same time.

Give this a try, you will not regret it.

That's all for my new lush products review. Let me know in the comments if you've tried any of these products, and what you thought about them!

See you all next time, beauties.



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